Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball Parody

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Miley Cyrus and Ron Jeremy Movie Poster Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball Parody

Miley and Ron Jeremy: World’s Best Couple?

Our friends from have created something so shocking that it can’t be unseen: RON JEREMY IN A WRECKING BALL PARODY.

Watch it right now:

Well that was disgusting. You know how some people think that women age like milk and men age like a fine wine? Is it uncool of me to say that Ron Jeremy has aged like a hairy clump of unrefrigerated ground beef?

Still, you got to admire that sense of humor. It almost makes me forget about his distended belly.


Sharing Gets You Laid
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  • Eroscott

    Oh Fucking Yuck! (OFY can be a new text shortcut for something that is totally, well OFY!)