Russian Couple Gets Busted Banging on a Historic Fountain

There’s something pretty hot about having sex in public spaces.  It feels illicit, and it feels dirty, and it feels like you might get caught at any moment – that’s probably why people like doing it so much.  I’m totally game to have sex in public but there needs to be some boundaries.  I don’t want my dick flapping around the wind for the world to see.

The sexy part is the idea that you could get stumbled upon at any moment, at least for me.  But these Russians man, they crazy.  Check out this video, for example:

Yeah, that’s a Russian couple having sex in broad daylight on the side of a fountain in the middle of a busy square. That takes a lot of guts. Power to them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. If you wanna fuck in public fuck in public. *au naturel*, know what I mean?

Well, maybe its a bit rude. I am also very impressed that the couple managed to have sex for 15 minutes without any interruptions. Now THAT woulda been rude.

Also, my favourite part of the video is by far the last several seconds where it slowly zooms in on the face of what can only be some sort of evil mastermind or cult leader.

Here’s my prediction: that guy is mystical. There are lustful hypnotic powers buried deep in his eyes. I believe that the Russian couple stared into his eyes for a few seconds too long and then automatically, possessed by some tribal sexual energy, stripped off their clothes and started fucking on the spot. That’s the only logical solution.

The Russian officials, perhaps unsurprisingly, are trying to lay the hammer down on this couple for their sinful and horrible and detestably evil manifestations of closeness. According to the article,

“Local police are now looking for the couple. The couple had cast a bad reputation to the city, to Russia and the Russians, according to the police. Once caught, the couple will undergo maximum punishment for their offence.”

Yikes. May want to keep your pants on if you’re in Russia.

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Published on: July 7, 2014

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