Russian Hotel by Marc van Dalen


Anonymous Hottie from “Russian Hotel” by Marc van Dalen

Marc van Dalen may have put together one of the sexiest photo sets of all time with his latest project “Russian Hotel” thanks to the long-legged, Russian beauty he photographed naked. However, it’s causing problems.

He released these photos of this beautiful Russian model completely nude but didn’t provide us with a name. I don’t know about you but when I see a beautiful nude woman on the internet, my first thought is, “Who is this girl and where can I see more of her?”

The key to finding out who they are and where you can see more of them is as simple as finding a name and doing a quick internet search. But no one knows this girl’s name! Everywhere these photos have been shared, everyone writes “Anonymous Russian Model”. That’s simply not good enough. Not when we’re talking about a girl this hot.

Just look at the pictures and see why I’m so upset that Marc van Dalen didn’t share with us the name of the super babe from “Russian Hotel”:


Do you see why we need to know the name of this model?

I suggest that we all take a minute to contact Marc van Dalen and ask him who this girl is and where we can see more nude pictures of her.

First person to provide the correct name wins my eternal love and support.

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Published on: December 3, 2013

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  • Xrayxx

    I agree completely. I often find a picture of beautiful female and would like to see more. The problem is that often no name is given for the star in the picture.

    People please provide the name of the babe you have posted so everyone can enjoy her more.
    one more comment on ‘no names’ Aaargh :(

  • Chico Dusty

    Someday Xrayxx, we’ll have all the names. Someday.

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