Russian Olympians Posing in Lingerie

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In what feels like an attempt to make everyone forget about how unprepared Sochi is to host the Winter Olympics and the effort kill all those adorable stray dogs running around the host town, Russia’s Olympic team has released photos of their most photogenic (meaning sexiest) athletes posing in lingerie.

The Russian Olympic team felt that their own athletes was the “best campaign for our team in Sochi.” Yeah totally. The best way to get people excited about the games are to know who’s competing. The Russian Olympic team also wanted to refute the stereotype that female athletes are “a mountain of muscle and manly figure.”

However, by getting the female athletes competing in the Sochi Olympics to pose in lingerie just reinforces that even women who are world-class athletes are sexual objects. Did no one from the Russian Olympic team pick up on this?

But hey, the damage is done. Let’s just get to know the hot babes of the Russian Olympic team. 

Catherine Carpenter, freestyle (English Translation)

Tatiana Borodulina, short track


Anna Sidorova, curling


Maria Komissarov, freestyle


Olga Zyablikova curling


Irina Avvakumova, ski jumping


Ekaterina Bobrova, figure skating


Ekaterina Galkina, curling


Alexander Saitova, curling


Anna Prugova, hockey


Svetlana Kolmykova hockey


Elena Nikitina, skeleton



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Published on: February 7, 2014

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