Ryan Ryans Is Pure Class

Let’s be honest guys, showing off your big tits and masturbating in front of a camera for the entire internet to enjoy isn’t what’s associated with being classy.

Classy is the opposite of crude. And if you were to ask people to choose whether they thought teasing their pussy, topless while millions of men and women watched was classy or crude, they’d probably have to say that it was crude simply because most people are sexually repressed. (As a follow-up question to “Classy vs. Crude”, it would be fun to ask if this was something they’d want to see. You’d be able to use this data to see how many people are liars because of course everyone wants to see that.)

Though a stripteased followed by masturbating for internet voyeurs would almost unanimously be considered crude, there are always exceptions. Today, we have such an exception. Because Ryan Ryans’s new gallery via VIPArea.com proves that striptease followed by masturbation can indeed be quite classy.

About two months ago, we became obsessed with Ryan Ryans.

For those of you unfamiliar with the fresh-faced, busty glamor model, please let her new VIPArea.com photos do all the explaining as to why she’s one of our favorite babes.

And if you like what you see from this Ryan Ryans gallery, make sure you check VIPArea.com for more exclusive pictures and videos of the adult industry’s most stunning babes.



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If you still think that a striptease and masturbating for the internet is still crude, well then I’m sorry.

Maybe it’s just me, but for me, Ryan Ryans is pure class. Especially once she’s ditched all those cumbersome clothes.

Thank you VIPArea.com!

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Published on: July 19, 2014

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