“Safer Sex Ball” ends with a bang

Well, what did they expect?

Well, what did they expect?

Exeter University’s Safer Sex Ball sounds like something you wouldn’t want to attend in a million years.

Safer sex? Ball? University?

Maybe it’s me but those three things just aren’t my bag, baby.

However, the Safer Sex Ball is not the drab soiree you might think it is. It’s actually a raging party held annually by Exeter University where they pass out a bunch of free contraceptives to thousands of drunk, costumed, and horny college students in a darkened auditorium filled with trance music.

Now that sort of thing is my bag, baby.

This year’s Safer Sex Ball hit a snag, however. A couple was caught on a CCTV surveillance camera having sex in the student union bar. And as you would expect, the footage leaked online and went viral.

While the four minute video (c’mon, only four minutes?) is now somewhere hidden in the crevasses of the internet, the student’s guild is investigating the incident. Criminal charges could be pressed against the person who leaked it because it violates the data protection laws and the right to privacy.

Either way, I can’t wait to attend the 2013 Safer Sex Ball.

Screenshot of the footage was the best I could do...Sorry...

Screenshot of the footage was the best I could do…Sorry…

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Published on: January 16, 2013

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  • http://www.rediff.com rita paul

    safer is sex a proverb by me that is rita, ,MISS RITA SEXY PAUL{my dads name}.safe is sexballs good yes v v v good, but not so good ,an intlegent man will say better.

  • Marcus

    Doing it Safe is stupid

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    False. When your peen starts dripping green you’ll understand the importance of safe sex.

  • http://sex.com imole89

    sex is good b’coz i love it