Sexy Brit Samantha Bentley Interviewed!

I don’t want to put anyone on blast here, but there’s a little rumor going around that British people are inherently unattractive. 

To anyone that believes that nonsense, I’d like to introduce you to Samantha Bentley. Samantha Bentley is a British pornstar who loves it when her 32DD’s are dominated during sex. Even if the British are by and large unattractive, Samantha Bentley’s individual sex appeal more than makes up for all her unattractive countrymen.

Samantha Bentley was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to come talk to us about her amateur videos, her love of Rocco Siffredi, and the hottest sex she’s ever had. So without further ado, enjoy the Samatha Bentley interview!

– I heard that you got your start in porn just by filming your own amateur videos. Can we watch these amateur videos or are they a part of your private collection?

I honestly wish everyone could see these videos as they capture some of the best sex I have ever had, not to mention document my sexual growth and watch how I was taught how to fuck… unfortunately the videos are no longer in my possession :(

– Just recently you started doing B/G scenes. What made you want to branch out from G/G and solo stuff? 

Well, I did girl/girl for two years and I always enjoyed it (eating pussy is one of my favourite things to do). I told myself I would never do boy/girl unless it felt right. When I met Ian Tate I knew I wanted to fuck him, so I went for it! I’ve been doing boy/girl a year and a half now and I love it!

– You’re a big Rocco Siffredi fan. What is it about Rocco that you love? 

To begin with, everything. He oozes charm and charisma, as a true submissive I instantly fell under his powers. I love a man that can control me, he’s handsome, he’s tall, he’s older, experienced, slightly intimidating and of course he has his world famous cock.

– What was it like to finally fuck Rocco? 

A complete dream. I was in heaven, although I looked like I had been dragged through hell. I fucked him first off camera as I was actually shooting a scene with Ian Scott, Rocco was directing. But he wanted to experience me, and then he booked me the next day to work alongside him in a scene.

Only a true Rocco fan like Samantha would have a crop-top like this

Only a true Rocco fan like Samantha would have a crop-top like this

– What’s the best sex you’ve ever had not captured on video?

Once, I was driving at night in the middle of nowhere, it was raining and I was arguing with my boyfriend at the time. He pulled over on the side of the motorway and got out without saying a word and slammed the door, I remember thinking ‘Oh shit, he’s going to kill me and leave the body here so no one finds me’ he threw open my door and pulled me out of the car in the rain.

He kissed me then picked me up and put me on the hood of the car and undressed me and fucked me right there in the rain. It was so intense and passionate I was crying. He then pulled me off the hood and ordered me to get on all fours in the mud on the side of the road, I did and he continued to fuck me, my knees were cut and I was covered in mud and it was freezing, but I was so turned on I didn’t care.

After he came inside me, he picked me up and wrapped me in his coat and cleaned the mud off me, then he put me on the back seat of the car, because I was shivering, he got in the back with me and held me super close and fucked me again, really slow. It was incredible, I would never be able to recreate it and I wouldn’t want to, it is my favourite memory.

– What qualities does a man have to have if you’re going to fantasize about him?

Charm, charisma, personality, power, attitude, control… looks aren’t really a factor but if I was going JUST on looks, I love black hair, tall and a whole ton of tattoos.

Watch this video so you can fantasize about Samantha Bentley!

– What about fantasizing about women? Who is your ultimate female fantasy? 

Oh that’s easy, Miss Dani Daniels. She and I have been friends since we both started in the industry but have yet to properly get hold of each other. She is my ultimate girl fantasy.

– You’re nominated for the Best Body fan award at AVN this year. Who do you think should be your runner-up?  


– Is it tough being based in London and working in the adult industry?

Yes. The UK industry is very small, there is no real sense of industry, no real agencies, it can be quite hard, you really have to go out there and find your own work.

– David Cameron’s porn filter: bad idea or worst idea ever? 

I think it’s a bad idea, not the worst idea ever. I believe in censorship to an extent, for example, I wouldn’t want my children accessing porn so easily, if they took down all the tube sites and pirate porn sites, would that really be a bad thing? Maybe people would start paying for porn again… But no, it is a bad idea and he is a dick.

– Fill in the blank: “After reading this interview everyone should ___________________”

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  • Evelyn James

    Loved this. Short, sweet, obviously sexy. And her one set in the gallery near the beginning was fantastically beautiful. Love!

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    I’ll admit it. I’m not down with British chicks. That accent is just a turn-off. But this girl is definitely an exception

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    HOT! So HOT!

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    i have never been more turned on. please post more Samantha!

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    hottest sex story i ever heard

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    nice photo chicks!!

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  • Chico Dusty

    What’s not to like about an English accent?

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    As much as I’d like to take credit for this interview, Samantha Bentley is the reason it’s so good.

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