Samantha Bentley, Your Private Tease


Samantha Bentley

Yesterday on the Blog, I posted my interview with Samantha Bentley. I knew you guys were going to like the interview simply because Samantha Bentley is super sexy but people were so into it that they demanded more Samantha.

There aren’t too many rules on this blog, but one of them is “Give the people what they want”. So since you want more Samantha Bentley, you get more Samantha!

To see Samantha go hardcore, you should check the Samantha Bentley interview because there are a ton of hardcore pictures, GIFs, and one video. But today I just wanted to showcase her solo beauty. So enjoy your private tease courtesy of our friends over at Twisty’s

Thank you Twisty’s! Please thank them by checking out their site:

And now onto Samantha’s private tease:



What a babe.

Now that you’re fully acquainted with the sheer sexiness of Samantha Bentley, get to know her a little better by reading her interview: Samantha Bentley Interview. Trust me, she’s even hotter after you hear her best sex story. I know that it seems impossible for her to be even hotter but it’s true.

I know this gallery won’t satisfy your Samantha Bentley craving, but it’s up to you to go pin your favorite Samantha Bentley pictures and videos to your boards!

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Published on: December 17, 2013

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  • van

    Thank you Chico!

  • rick dunn

    I want that body

  • rick dunn

    I want that body grinding up on in my lap and til i skeet all over that pretty face.

  • Chico Dusty

    LOL skeet.

  • Chico Dusty


  • beemer

    Bad, bad Bentley