Sexy Tattooed MILF Sarah Jessie gets Interviewed

Sarah Jessie sexy MILF

Sarah Jessie

If you’re not already familiar with Sarah Jessie then you’re in for a real treat. Sarah Jessie is a thorough-bred MILF with tons of sexy tattoos.

Now that Sarah Jessie has signed on with Rising Star PR, it won’t be long before you see her absolutely everywhere. Before her career takes off to lofty new heights, she was nice enough to stop by the Blog for an interview.

So let’s get better acquainted with your new favorite MILF, Sarah Jessie. 

Sarah Jessie sexy MILF porn star

Sarah Jessie

I went to Las Vegas for the first time last year and I can’t wrap my head around the idea that people live there. People that aren’t tourists! But you’re one of those people. You were born there. What was it like growing up in Las Vegas?

I’m glad you asked me that because I’ve been meaning to clear that up. I’m not actually sure how this rumor started that I’m from Las Vegas but it is all over the internet. I’m guessing someone was just being lazy filling out some form on me after a shoot but it’s spread to every corner of the web.

I’m actually from Detroit, which is crazy in its own way. I’d say it’s grittier than Las Vegas or most other places. Growing up there gave me a sense of hard work and purpose in life. Detroit taught me not to take things for granted and that if I want something, it’s up to me to go out and get it. I’d also like to believe that it made me more down to Earth and practical.

I’ve also lived in Germany and Australia. I currently live in Los Angeles.

This is a painfully standard question but I couldn’t find a previous answer to it so here it goes: How did you get started in the adult industry?

I started feature dancing when I was on a student visa in Melbourne Australia. I had been pursuing a business degree at a University. The course I enrolled in was two years long and naturally I needed the money to stay in school. There was this club called SHOWGIRLS. It was fully nude and they served drinks so you can imagine how crazy things got but it was always fun. The club encouraged us to really get into our act which was great because I was still learning how to strip. It was like being paid to learn how to feature dance! I had so much fun there.

I was also modeling at the time and doing private entertaining. I guess you can say that I’m naturally very comfortable with being nude and having sex with strangers. I knew I wanted to stay in the sex industry somehow but I wasn’t sure yet what I was going to do. After I finished school and my student visa ran out I started putting out the word to the girls I worked with that I was interested in taking things to the next level.

I had met a girl at the club I was dancing at who told me about an agency called LA Direct Models out in Los Angeles who booked her for porn gigs. I was for sure interested! I had always watched porn and it was something I wanted to do. I emailed my pictures to them and from there it was easy! They told me to get a flight to LA and stay in the model house and they would put me to work! And that’s exactly what I did. Things took off fast after that. I’ve worked for nearly every major company in the industry now.

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“Genital Jamboree” is one of the funniest porn movie titles I’ve ever heard. It’s also the only 16 hour long porn movie I’ve ever heard of. Do you think 16 hours is too long for a porn movie?

The movie is compilation release made up of 16 different one hour scenes. Mine is one of them. Lots of companies cut together their content into different niches and categories and repackage it with a funny title at a lower price. I can’t imagine how crazy it would be to do one scene for 16 hours! I love sex but I’m pretty sure even I’d be sore after that!

You got new boobs recently! What was your motivation for getting new boobs and how do you like them so far?

I just wanted new boobs. The truth is I didn’t like the old ones. I absolutely love the ones I have now. They are amazing! So it was totally worth it.

Based on the Twitter-stalking I’ve been doing all summer, you had a fun summer! What was the highlight?

You mean other than this interview? Lol. Summer just seemed to fly by like they do every year. I did have a lot of sex this summer, which is always good. I’d say my highlight was having multiple orgasms with a trusted lover then watching the sunrise over the ocean on his private yacht. That was pretty amazing!


You were just nominated for “Porn’s Best Body”. What do you do to maintain that hot bod?

You know a lot of people will tell you they know the secret of how to lose weight and get in shape, but it’s different for everyone. What works well for one body type might not for another. For me what works is sticking to a vegan diet, regular exercise, and making sure I fuck every day.

I know a lot of people have been wondering so I have to ask, what’s up with a Sarah Jessie website?

I’ve been working on getting content together. I don’t just want to sign my name and my rights over to someone and let them put out some crappy site that rips fans off. I want to do it right and put all my energy into it. Good things cum to those who wait…or so they tell me.

Just last week you signed on with Rising Star PR. What does this new partnership mean for your career?

I wanted to get my name and my brand out there more so I called and talked to Rising Star. I felt like we had the same goals in mind and that they understood how to promote me best. A lot of times I’m working and doing amazing things but without PR no one really seems to know about them, so they come and go. Now that I’m with Rising Star I’m hoping to not only get noticed but also to get some recognition for the work that I am doing.

Are you and Brooke Haven soul mates?

That one made me laugh! You’re too funny. Well, I’m not a lesbian, so no, but we are very close friends and I love and trust her and wish only the best for my good friend. We’ve been friends for a long time now. I’m glad to have a friend like her in my life. She’s awesome.

Fill in the blank: After reading this interview, everyone should ________________

Everyone reading this should go jerk off…preferably to me!

So watch this Sarah Jessie scene:

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Thank you Sarah Jessie!

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