Sasha Grey’s Russian Road Trip?

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Even though Sasha Grey retired from filming porn movies three years ago, she’s still considered to be one of the most popular porn actresses ever.

Her popularity shouldn’t be a surprise because her sex videos and sex pictures were always great and she’s absolutely gorgeous. But the real proof that Sasha Grey is one of the most popular porn actresses ever is that every time she’s doing something new, it makes headlines.

This time, Sasha Grey is considering a road trip across Russia from Vladivostok to Moscow. FYI, Vladivostok is on Russia’s Pacific coast, close to Japan.

On Monday, Sasha Grey posted this her Instagram:

sasha grey instagram

It’s a screencap of her Twitter, where¬†@DromRU, a Russian car website invited the former porn actress to come to Russia so that she can, “cook pelmeni, and drive famous Russian car Lada Kalina”.

The genesis of this partnership/offer came from when one of DromRU‘s test drivers was fed up with the constant malfunctioning of his Lada Kalina. To ease his frustration, he wrote about his dream on his blog, to “riding a fast Mustang all the way to the sea with Sasha Grey next to me”.

Sasha Grey replied in about 5 hours saying, “Cooking and racing. Two of my favourite things! Yes Please!”

Who knows if it’s actually going to happen. But if it does, Sasha Grey will be following in the footsteps of President Vladimir Putin who drove 2,000 kilometers in a Lada Kalina on a newly-built route in the eastern part of the country. Putin isn’t the greatest guy ever, but it’s pretty cool that he and Sasha Grey will be the only two celebrities to have done this trip in a Lada Kalina.

See this is why Sasha Grey continues to be one of the best pornstars ever. Whether it’s playing industrial music, writing novels, or planning to drive across Russia, she’s always doing something cool.

I’m hoping that she’s gets to do this, but only because a return to porn seems unlikely. I’d much rather hear about cool new things she’s doing and revisiting one of her classic sex scenes than just revisiting her classic sex scenes at random.

Hey, speaking of revisiting a classic Sasha Grey sex scene, let’s do that right now:

Sasha Grey, you’re the best.


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    He’s right when he says that Sasha Grey is the most important artist of the century and that she should be POTUS.

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