Science Says Women Prefer Large Penises

Penis Size

In the end, penis size does matter.

Men have always wanted to know how to be attractive to women. Monash University, The Australian National University and La Trobe University all came together to determine once and for all what women find attractive. It turns that women like one thing about men: large penises.

The schools that came together for this study projected 3D models of male bodies to 105 female participants. The male bodies differed in height, body shape, and penis size.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, found that penis size more often than not determined whether or not a man was attractive. Bigger was better.

Though large penises were important for a man to be considered attractive, taller men with large penises were found to be more attractive than short men with large penises. Once again, the bigger you are (muscular and not fat) the more attractive you are.

“There is always much debate on the subject and we wanted to address the notion of whether size matters using a valid scientific approach,” Dr. Bob Wong from the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University said in a statement. “We found penis size affected a man’s sexual attractiveness, but height was equally as important, with taller men considered more attractive.”

Previous research done to determine whether or not size matters only used five small drawings of male figures that only differed in penis size. Obviously, that research is very leading and untrustworthy.

So what does this mean for the short men with small penises of the world? Well, just because women chose the tall, well-endowed 3D models doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. This study didn’t factor one thing in: personality. For men and women, personality should be the make or break of attractiveness. Even if you’re the handsomest 6 foot 5 man with a 11 inch large penis, don’t be a dick.

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  • priya

    hmmm vry true saying by science as i too agree dis…

  • http://Sex Divaa

    I wanna know about sex

  • oh-shit-its-that-guy

    this seems weird they say that the bigger penises keyword: REGARDLESS of attractiveness was better and then they say taller men with bigger was better than shorter men with big penises excuse me but attractiveness and height are to visuals in other words that part makes no sense taller men they would expect bigger penises and if they did it goes together a steoreotypical way of thinking which this article basically promotes and its not the size its the skill there is a spot for smaller penis can rub to make pleasure better so really got nothing from this yes the gspot

  • Chico Dusty

    Hey. Don’t blame the article. Blame the study. I agree completely that their research is just as leading as the study one of the doctors mentioned.

    I guess that’s Australia for you.

  • Chico Dusty

    This the only place you got to check if you want to know about sex.

  • Chico Dusty

    Highly dubious.

  • anon

    at lest u good speak english

  • Eroscott

    First, did the 3D projected models show flaccid or erect penises? Actual, real time, real men studies have shown that a long flaccid penis generally does not increase as much in length, relative to penis length, as a short flaccid penis.

    Second, I have a reasonably large penis (this isn’t a pissing contest so what its dimensions are doesn’t matter.) My older brother, who is an inch taller than me (6’4″ to my 6’3″) has a small penis. (We did a bit of swapping in our younger days.)

    Third, women’s vaginas are different like men’s penises. For instance: My second wife, before I met her, roomed with her best friend. They would date different men and when they broke up would allow the other one to date them. My ex told me that the men her friend dated tended to have penises too big for her and the men she dated tended to have penises too little for her friend. I had to be careful in certain position with my ex because I would bottom out and hurt her.

    Fourth, It would make sense to me for a woman to like a thick cock but not necessarily a long cock.

    Fifth, a real life study of this issue, penis size, needs to be done. That way physical attractiveness, penis size, height, weight, personality, sense of humor, personal hygiene, etc. can help determine what a woman really likes.

    Sixth, and then there are fantasies. (That’s why we come to A woman may fantasize about a really big cock but not really want to experience it in life. I mean, let’s face it any normal sex-loving woman wants to have pleasurable sex as much as a man does. A really big cock may not be all that pleasurable to many women except in their fantasies or except for the masochists.

  • Chico Dusty

    I wouldn’t take this “study” too seriously. 105 Australian women can’t speak for the entire female sex.

    A woman once told me, “I don’t care about dicks. Size, shape, it’s all pretty much the same. As long as it’s hard and clean.”

    I don’t know if all women feel this way about penises but I feel like this is a good way for men to think about penises. Just keep them clean and get them hard when they need to be. In the end, no one cares.

  • Herby

    Is 6 inches considerate as big penis? Or a normal one? How can I increase my penis size?

  • Chico Dusty

    Pro tip: It’s not about length, it’s about girth. 6 inches is real good. Don’t you worry about it. The only thing that matters is that you have confidence in your cock.

  • Herby

    Well, how can I improve my girth? Im very dumb man

  • Herby

    Forget it, you’re its about the confidence. You can increase that knowing more tecniques or the things that women like. Can you tell where can I found a site like that?

  • Chico Dusty