Sex boxes in Switzerland

Remember how difficult it used to be to find a quiet spot to have sex with that Swiss prostitute you picked up on your vacation in Zurich?

Zurich circa 2013 when it is no longer overrun by prostitutes

The city of Zurich has listened to your complaints and have made it easier to have sex with their local prostitutes.

By August of next year, they will have built several “sex boxes” in an industrial part of the city. As you might have guessed, a sex box is an enclosed space where one can park with a tute and do God knows what with her (or him. Am I right, ladies?).

Here’s a picture of a sex box in Germany:

Looks cozy.

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland but sex-trade related crime and violence is still a huge problem in Zurich. The boxes will get ladies of the evening off the street, away from the crime and violence. If you have ever listened to that genre of music that white people like so much, you’ll know that the street is full of problems.

By working in the sex boxes there will be more regulation for their trade. Prostitutes will have to get health insurance, pay for a prostitute license, and insert 5 Swiss francs into a machine to “clock-in”. Essentially, all the duties a traditional pimp would take care of are now in the hands of Zurich’s social welfare department.

While most of you are probably upset that prostitutes have now a lot of administrative fees in order to have sex with strangers, city officials said that it will remain a lucrative profession. Operating out of a sex box eliminates travel time, which means they can service more Johns in a single night than ever before.

According to The Telegraph, roughly 30 prostitutes will be able to operate out of this facility at a time and clients will drive into slots on a first-cum first-served basis.

We applaud the city of Zurich for trying to get their local prostitutes off the street. However, we would like to point out that having sex in a car in a privacy-friendly parking lot bears many similarities to being on the street. Hopefully, city officials realize this mistake and also begin implementing city-run brothels. Not only to get their prostitutes off the streets but so that homely/lonely men without cars can reap the rewards.

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Published on: November 29, 2012

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  • olo

    Weird, that used to exist in Rotterdam. It was a very depressing place as most girls there were addicts. Even more depressing was the shocking amount of very expensive cars standing in line to have a go with a heroine addict for a couple of bucks. That place doesn’t exist anymore though.

  • olo

    Besides that, there is a whole area in Zurich where sex can be had under very much more comfortable conditions.
    Parking your car there may prove a bit troublesome maybe.

  • Chico Dusty

    Hi Olo,

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions. It seems unnecessarily complicated and yield little results. Oh well, what can we do?

  • Jay