Sex caught on Google Store View

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Google man capturing stores

When Google launched Store View in 2010, the feature of Google Maps that allows people to have all the fun of browsing around a store without buying anything from the comfort of their computer screen, it was predictably less hilarious or interesting than Google Street View.

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It took a while but finally we have some candid hilarity on Google Store View (thanks for the tip, Gawker).

While capturing skate and snowboard store Krakatoa in Briançon, France, one of Google’s cameramen accidentally caught a couple having sex in a dressing room.

Well, we presume they are having, about to have, or just had sex because all we can see are two pairs of legs with underwear around the ankles. What other possible reason would there be for going into a change room with someone? It’s not to try on clothes! That’s for damn sure.

Let’s take a look:

kraka Sex caught on Google Store View

It could be someone with 4 legs though…right?

Classic French. Always getting down.

This accidental, softcore porno pic is the best thing to happen to ever happen to Google Store View. Being the stiffs that they are, Google has already gone and censored the legs.

kraka2 Sex caught on Google Store View

Where did the legs go?

See, this is why our society is completely fucked up. Google censors two people expressing their love physically in a dressing room that’s really just a makeshift closet with a curtain, like so many of us have done before. Yet we have to look at those hideous pairs of DCs and Globes.

DC and Globe  make terrible skate shoes and to see their shoes being sold is absolutely offensive. They should be blurred out, not the legs.


As the following photos reveal, Krakatoa had some fun when they were being Store Viewed:

Ski Shop4 Sex caught on Google Store View

Ski Shop6 Sex caught on Google Store View

All that excitement for nothing.

Thanks to Slap Pal CreepySweaty for pointing out that we were fooled.

Even though the sex is fake, this should not discourage you from having sex in a dressing room as it is a lot of fun. Just don’t get caught. And if you do get caught, don’t blame me.

Also, never buy DC or Globe shoes. Instead, why not read something mildly entertaining?

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