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Pinterest hates us

Since our relaunch in May, has often been dubbed the “Pinterest for porn”. To be fair, the two sites are similar the main difference being that is focused on sex and Pinterest is focused on cute crafts, cute shoes, cute mittens, cute cupcakes, cute babies, cute motivational posters, and other things that people find cute.

Over the summer, our web team noticed that users were pinning adult content to boards on Pinterest. We were worried at first thinking that Pinterest’s official policy didn’t allow for anything that would not be deemed cute by the general public. However, there is a vibrant but hidden adult community on Pinterest that users were participating in.

Our website was not only excited to see some users crossover, especially a female audience. A few days ago our crossover was shutdown by Pinterest. They have banned, declaring our site to be spam.’s Media man Iain MacNeil (not founder as reported by TechCrunch) had this to say about the whole incident:

“Without contacting us, Pinterest banned all activity from Pinterest users can no longer pin any content from nor can they view the site from older pins. We’ve unjustly been marked as spam. Our attempts to contact Pinterest have been fruitless. We want to know why they banned their adult community from seeing an alternative. Is it as simple as Pinterest is afraid of losing the adult content community despite the fact they do not respect users who use their site for adult content? Or is it that Pinterest does not believe a female audience for is inappropriate?

In all official Pinterest Terms of Service they claim that pins are the responsibility of the user. So on what grounds do they have the right to supersede the user’s ability to pin from”

All we want from Pinterest is some answers. If you can provide an explanation please leave a comment or send an email to

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Published on: September 20, 2012

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