picks the winner of Super Bowl XLVII’s vision of future Super Bowls

The NHL may have yet another lockout this season. The NBA is a wash because Dwight Howard is on the Lakers. Thank god for football.

The NFL’s 93rd season started Wednesday with a bang. Last year’s champs, the New York Giants got outplayed on their home turf by Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys 24-17.

While only two teams have played so far this season and making it to the Super Bowl is a grueling process that requires offensive talent, defensive toughness, wily couching, and a lot of heart, is ready to pick the winner of Super Bowl XLVII (which is the one scheduled for February 3rd, 2013 in New Orleans).’s Center for Research and Development has been analyzing all NFL teams and have determined that the champion will be:
The San Diego Chargers


People have been saying that the odds of the Chargers winning the Super Bowl are 28/1. Sure, they aren’t starting the season healthy, Philip Rivers had 20 interceptions last season, and they are notorious for choking but they’ll make it to the final. How? Look at the evidence the Center for Research and Development uncovered while researching NFL teams:

After painstakingly reviewing all NFL team rosters and NFL cheerleader rosters, was able to determine that San Diego had the hottest cheerleaders. Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, and Jacksonville* were stiff competition but San Diego came out on top. The Charger Girls’ incredible hotness, both physically and in dancing ability, will get the Chargers through any slump throughout the season and the playoffs.

*Those Jacksonville leopard uniforms are very sexy

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