Predicts FIFA 2014 Winner

Some coaches believe that professional soccer players should be celibate during tournaments, because, as the age-old wisdom suggests, celibacy is a performance enhancement.

Basically, all that copped up sexual energy, instead of shooting that out of your dick, well, could be shot into a goal. Yeah.

At the office, people are rooting for different teams and bickering at each other – so to settle it once andĀ for all, we decided to check out traffic analytics, and determine which of the 10 favorite teams is more susceptible to win, based on how damn horny it is as a nation.

The more visits = the hornier = losing. FIFA 2014 Winners


What the what? 36% of the 82 million homeland German population has visited Wir lieben euch! <3 (shoutout: thanks to Skikx for the proofreading)

  • Skikx

    Well, more than 12% of all opened webpages here in germany are porn sites, more than in any other country. So it’s no surprie a lot of germans have visited And who cares about the world cup anyway, if you’re already world champion in watching porn, right?

    P.S. While I am sure you really love us, I have to point out that “dich” is singular only, the plural form would be “euch”.

  • blog

    Skikx, you are awesome, and thank you for all this knowledge! ;) <3

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