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You might have heard that the world wide web turned 25 this week. In celebration of this milestone, I decided to use the Wayback Machine to see how, the most expensive domain name of all time, has evolved. 

Things haven’t always faired well for In 1995, Stephen M. Cohen convinced a Network Solutions employee to transfer the ownership from Gary Kremen to him after providing a fake fax. These forged documents allowed Cohen to $50,000 to $500,000 a month off’s click-through advertising. At the time, it received upwards of 25 million unique visitors a month.

Cohen continued to operate that version of until Kremen won his suit in November 2000. Cohen was ordered to pay $25 million into court; in April 2001, the California District Court awarded Kremen an additional $40 million for lost earnings, for a total judgment of $65 million. When Cohen’s arrest warrant was issued, he fled to Mexico. Kremen offered a $50,000 reward for information, but Cohen remained at large while continuing to file appeals that were rejected. In October 2005, Cohen was arrested in Tijuana, Mexico for immigration violations, and was handed over to US authorities.

Kremen would then go on to sell for $13 million in 2010 to us. still holds the record for the most expensive domain name ever sold.

Because of its tumultuous history, people have often referred to as a cursed domain. Well, I’m here to show you just how far we’ve come since’s inception in 1996.

Are you ready to see how has evolved throughout years despite all the fraud, legal battles, and more money you and I will ever being thrown around?

Chances are you’ll feel a little nostalgic, because if you’re like most people in the world, was the first thing you looked at when you had 60 free minutes of AOL dial-up. in 1996:

1996 in 1999:

1999 in 2002:

2002 in 2005:

2005 in 2006:

2006 in 2007:

2007 in 2010:

2010 in 2011:

2011 in 2012:

2012 today:


One thing’s for sure, has come a long way.

Maybe it’s just me, but my favorite version of is the current one. It’s free, easy to use, full of dope pictures and videos. What more could you ask for?

Maybe we’ll try going back to the 1996 version if you guys are really feeling nostalgic. But no guarantees.

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  • blingblong

    wow. very cool. definitely has changed for the better.

  • ham

    for such an expensive domain, has a history of looking very budget

  • pleo

    the one from 1999 was definitely the first porn i ever saw. what a trip.

  • Debris

    Cool! Nice to see the banner ads haven’t changed in 18 years!

  • Chico Dusty

    Hahahaha. Gotta make that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ na mean?

  • InOutRepeat

    Interesting how the same stuff that was getting pinned in 2012 is still getting pinned in 2014.

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