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Welcome back to another edition of’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013. 

All year long I’ve been keeping an eye on the best sexy gifts and now that it’s time for everyone to give and receive, I’m going to tell you about the best sexy gifts that you can give this holiday season.

I don’t know about you but my wife hopelessly asks for a trip to Paris every Christmas. Obviously I can’t afford to send her to Paris, so I’m going to get her a little piece of Paris that she’ll love.

It’s called La Tour Est Folle and it’s a sex toy shaped like the Eiffel Tower! Have a look:


La Tour Est Folle

You’d think that in the 124 years that the Eiffel Tower has been standing, someone would have turned it into a sex toy because it’s easily the most phallic of all landmarks. But no! It’s never been done until now!

“Lots of people already had the idea of an Eiffel Tower toy ; for example, some retailers in parisian sex shops told us that foreigners are regularly asking if a sex toy in the shape of the Eiffel Tower exists. But nobody actualized this idea before us,” is what La Tour Est Folle co-creator Thibault Lanchais told me.

“As is often the case, this idea was born of the intersection of several events. I knew that sex toys were becoming very beautiful objects, that a taboo had fallen and that a creative space had opened up. During a discussion with a friend, we had fun looking for what could be the most glamorous and amazing sex toy, the most romantic. And then the obvious idea just came: the most phallic of monuments could become a wonderful toy!” said Sébastien Lecca, La Tour Est Folle‘s designer.


La Tour Est Folle

La Tour Est Folle may seem simply decorative at first glance, but let me assure you that though it resembles the Eiffel Tower, it’s still one hell of a sex toy.

It’s made out of the latest generation of elastomer, which makes it soft and odourless.

But what makes La Tour Est Folle one of the most appealing sex toys available is its versatility. For example, a small vibrator can be inserted inside La Tour for enhanced sensations. And because its design, you can use its four feet to achieve better leverage in stimulating the G-spot.

Speaking of the four feet, this is the only sex toy that can stand freely! That means you’re not just stuck using it on your back, stomach, or while seated. You can actually straddle La Tour and ride it, if that’s what you’re into! Even if it’s not what you’re into, at least you have the option right?

Yes, since my wife won’t be getting that trip to Paris she’s always asking for, I’m hoping that this little piece of Paris will give her similar pleasure. If not, then she can go fuck herself (literally, because it’s a sex toy. Get it?).

Get your very own La Tour Est Folle right now from their online store:

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The Perfect Christmas Gift: La Tour Est Folle!

The Perfect Christmas Gift: La Tour Est Folle!

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