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Do you know someone who is constantly being humiliated because people keep finding their sex toys?

They’ve tried stowing them in a drawer, or closet, or under the bed, but no matter where they put them, they always end up being discovered. Well, they’re in luck because you can get them The MUA Pleasure Products Organizer! It’s the perfect thing to finally keep their sex toys their little secret.

Have a look: 



Embarrassment has no place in the pursuit of pleasure. That’s the idea on which MUA is founded, which is why they’ve designed an amazing little box that keeps your sex toys safe from embarrassment.

As you can see, the MUA Pleasure Products Organizer allows you keep your sex toys safely locked for only you to see. You can see the picture and I’m sure you can see how useful it will be in organizing your sex toy collection. There’s just one problem…it’s not out yet! (yeah, we on some exclusive shit today like Hypebeast.)

The MUA Pleasure Products Organizer is still in development and needs your support to become a reality. If you need a place to safely store your sex toys, visit MUA’s Kickstarter page and donate!

Pledge $29 or more and you’ll be the first to try the MUA Pleasure Products Organizer.

C’mon. This is a great idea. I can’t believe there isn’t one already available!

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Published on: December 6, 2013

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