’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013 – Spank Weight

Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet but if you haven’t already finished your Christmas shopping, you’re totally screwed.

Thankfully I’m here to make sure you can salvage your Christmas by getting all the coolest, sexy gifts this holiday season.

This is’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Part 1 and today we’re talking about the perfect gift for the out of shape masturbator in your life. This year, get the out of shape masturbator the SPANK WEIGHT from PipeDream Products

So what is the Spank Weight? Well, it’s exactly like the Shake Weight but it’s been modified to maximize your masturbation muscles.

All you have to do is shake the Spank Weight for 3 minutes a day and your arms will become ripped for longer, harder, and faster spank sessions.

But wait there’s more! The Spank Weight isn’t just for the out of shape masturbator in your life, it’s also the perfect gift for the special lady that gives unsatisfactory handjobs. After using the Spank Weight for 3 minutes a day, suddenly her hands won’t cramp and her arms won’t get tired. She’ll be toned and ready to give the best damn handjob you’ll ever get in your life.

So if you know someone who needs some help with their stroking, doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman, stuff their stocking with a Spank Weight from PipeDream Products.

The Spank Weight is only $9.99 and you can get it wherever quality sex toys or gag gifts are sold!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013: La Tour Est Folle.

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Published on: November 29, 2013

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