’s Skater of the Year

In skateboarding, there really is only one award that matters. You can win all the X-games, Street Leagues, and Transworld Awards you want but it’s Thrasher Magazine‘s Skater of the Year that elevates people to legendary status.

Yesterday, it was announced that David Gonzalez would join the ranks of other skateboarding legends like Salman Agah, Chris Cole, and Chris Cole as Thrasher Magazine‘s Skater of the Year 2012. But why?

His Possessed to Skate part was gnarly but as far as rail chomping goes Figgy had more impressive moves in Bake and Destroy.

Unfortunately for Austyn “Swoop-neck” Gillette, his easy on the eyes NBDs were too late to convince anyone he was a real contender. Despite horrible music, I will say that his Thrasher part was one of the year’s best.

Nyjah’s Last Call was surprisingly awesome but he’s too early in his Sheckler-style redemption to win SOTY.

As for MJ, Guy, and CK1, I’ll just come out and say it…no one from Pretty Sweet deserved to win (other than Biebel, obviously). I’m sorry but it’s the truth. Look deep into your soul and you know it’s true.

Thrasher said that a lot of people went H.A.M. this year, which is true but there was no stand-out. There were so many contenders for SOTY this year because they all achieved the same level of “hardness” (like rap music, not like boners) and from there it was a total crapshoot.

While I’m not thrilled that David Gonzalez won SOTY, it’s better than no one getting it. And after so many SOTY’s, I’ve come to realize that Thrasher doesn’t always get SOTY right. Phelps is only human, although just barely. Who in their right minds thought that DVS’s Skate More was more classic than Bag of Suck? Sure, Daewon is a legend but in 2006 no one killed it harder than Jerry Hsu. You know I’m right. And come on, Danny Way SOTY 2004 for planning to jump the Great Wall of China? That’s not skateboarding, that’s stuntman shit.

Even if I don’t always agree with Phelps, I’ll always love this font

To be fair, for the past two years they have been pretty on point with their SOTY’s (also just in general Thrasher is the only skateboarding magazine worth reading, shoutout to Michael Burnett). In 2010, Leo was everywhere. Photos in every mag, covers, and two video parts (Brainwash > Stay Gold). And last year, there was no doubt that Grant Taylor had it on lockdown because c’mon it’s G fucking T. Meanwhile, this year David Gonzalez had about three weeks of solid coverage and then vanished after Possessed to Skate. SOTY shouldn’t be measured by one accomplishment in a year but who sustained the most gnarliness throughout the year.

That’s why Figgy should have won. From January from December, it felt like Figgy was in every issue of Thrasher and he wasn’t pussyfooting around. Even though SOTY is the only award that matters in skateboarding, it’s still an award and it really doesn’t mean much at all. Regardless, when the decision to name a SOTY comes down to a single video part, which can be argued this was the case for David Gonzalez this year, would like to name our Skater of the Year (based on just a single video part):


Spider-man AM Jake Donnelly pushing through shitty-ass Buffalo, NY really was the best thing in skateboarding all year, that’s why he’s’s Skater of the Year. Just in general, the Pushing series that Real did this summer was amazing. You guys see Dennis’s? Unreal. Since Day Once was a pretty big let down but they somehow redeemed themselves with these webclips. Does anyone else agree that they should edit these all together and release it as a full-length video on DVD? Just an idea.

Got to give a special shoutout to Pontus Alv. He is also’s Skater of the Year. Polar is the single best thing about skateboarding. Make sure to follow their blog and buy all things Polar. And you haven’t seen the promo, fuck you’ve been missing out.

In the end, skateboarding is just a toy that many grown men take way too seriously. Congratulations to Jake Donnelly and Pontus Alv for being’s Skaters of the Year. Also, congratulations to David Gonzalez, I’m not a fan of your skating but I can get behind anyone who dresses like 80’s Hosoi.

Regular readers are probably very confused so let me clear something up real quick, we are still a porn site. To prove it, here’s a semi-NSFW sexy sex picture of a sexy hot babe girl making sex porn with a sex skateboard:’s actual Skater of the Year

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  • Brendren

    Haha, this is actually sick, good taste in skaters man. er… I guess that sounds weird on this site. Whatever. You should have posted Pontus’ nudes from SOTS.

  • full melvin jacket

    The fourteen year old skate nerd inside of me has to remind you that the DVS video came out in 2005, the same year as Round 3. 2005 Daewon > 2005 Cole. Props for the Jerry Hsu shoutout, seems that no one remembers that part.

  • josephskate

    that’s. very good video but for me, the one who deserved the SOTY is CK, Guy or MJ and also david gonzales is gnarly.

  • Chico Dusty

    I’m gonna have to out nerd you and say that Round 3 came out in 2004. But I couldn’t agree more Daewon > Cole.

    Also, please do me a favor and make no more references to being under 18 (even though basic math dictates that you are in fact over 18). I don’t want to go to jail. Thanks!

  • Chico Dusty

    Oh, we don’t allow nudity on

  • Chico Dusty

    May I ask why?

  • shred

    God people are killing me with the short memory. David did 2 50-50s on spots that will NEVER be skated again. 51/49 but david wins. Guy: well done, part came out too late for the polls.

  • Chico Dusty

    I would argue that he’s opened the doors on these spots. Keep in mind, I’ve never seen these in rails in real life but skate history dictates that once someone skates a once unskateable spot, it will become the new standard. Remember when it was a big deal that Markovich kickflipped Carlsbad? We just have to wait and see.

  • Tomek

    I felt the same way dude, choosing SOTY by just one part that nobody’s gonna remember next month is stupid. Figgy deserved this shit.
    Shoutout for choosing Pontus!

  • ronald

    since day one was the rawest video hands down, and the skating was top fucking notch, it wasn’t in anyway a “let down” and if you actually paid attention to the tricks (chima, brock, hardy) you would understand, but hey what kinda review would someone expect from a shitty porn website… fucking retards

  • Chico Dusty

    Shoutout to Poland!

  • Chico Dusty

    The skating wasn’t a let down. It was the music and the length that made it a let down. But hey if you’re stoked on it then who cares? It’s all just useless internet-jibber-jabber.

  • Bobert

    Thrasher magazine is the truth. David Gonzalez was the absolute gnarliest in 2012 ? gnarly always wins. Possessed to Skate is one of the best parts ever, period.
    Bake & Destroy was awesome and in any other year, Figgy would have gotten it.
    Pretty Sweet = Animal Chin 2012.

  • Tomek

    haha thanks man!
    you’re on my instagram now! :)

  • Callum

    Have to agree with Ronald Since Day one really was amazing, I also really must question the opinion of someone who thinks Romero’s Brainwash part was better than his stay gold, (I must remind you of the gnarly 50-50 UP the handrail, the krooked UP the handrail, and those insane double set gap to rail tricks at the end including the ridiculous Front feeble ender). To judge SOTY on one video part is fair tbh its not like a video part takes a couple of weeks or months to film, it can take the best part of a year. Also could you elaborate on the whole no one who was in pretty sweet deserves it cause in my opinion I’d give all of them SOTY.

  • Chico Dusty

    Please! People! Stop this madness. This is a porn site. We’re supposed to oogling nude women not talking about skateboarding. Please feel free to share your favorite sex pictures and sex videos in these comments but keep the skate talk on Slap!,com_jfusion/Itemid,4/index.php?topic=66433.0

  • Marz

    Alex Olson for SOTY. That is all.

  • johnjohn

    Alex Olson seems like the obvious choice for SOTY because of all the sex he has

  • Clayson Woodwood

    Figgy and David def had the most coverage all year. Figgy had like 2 thrasher covers anyway. My vote is for kenny anderson though

  • Clayson Woodwood

    oh and bag of suck is the illest video out there

  • dustin

    yo chico, why the fuck didn’t BAM win?

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  • Chico Dusty

    Bro. Gotta skate to win Skater of the Year, bro.

  • cunt hands

    Shocking how many skate nerds love

    I guess were all perverted nymphos at heart

  • upsidedowncross:)

    Jake Donnelly has awful style and accomplishes little to nothing on his skateboard! You honestly have to be kidding me man! Your taste in skateboarding is pretty sub par if you ask me. I know a few of you are all jerking off to what this dude is saying, but besides being poorly written and lacking the correct information (David had loads of coverage in Thrasher this year, including the Flip tour article from the southwest with that ‘Weight of the World’ video). Also, you tell people to “Stop this madness,” but remember, you pulled people away from their masturbation time to give your opinion on a matter that you are most definitely not qualified to give. Figgy is gnarly, no denying that, but his style is lacking in every department and personally, I don’t need to see the Real video twice to know it wasn’t just the “music and length” that made it equal in value to the tissue i’m going to use to absorb my cum after I jerk off in a few minutes.

  • blim

    Dude. Chill out.

  • AlxxEisner

    backin upsidedowncross! pontus is sick tho! Buzenitz is siiick too of course! but his Real part wasnt his best part

  • Simon
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  • Chris

    I’ll disagree with you on Real’s Since Day One. Anyone who actually skates SF regularly knows how gnar Busenitz’s part is. Good article though. My favorite SOTY? Silas Baxter Neal.

  • Chico Dusty

    I don’t doubt that the spots that Dennis skates are impossible for a regular human being.