’s Videos of the Year 2013 – PART 2’s Videos of the Year 2013 has really been popping off!

Everyone wants to see the most popular sex videos of 2013 and who can blame them?

If you haven’t seen the 10 most popular sex videos of 2013 yet, check it out right now: PART 1.

Meanwhile, I’m going to capitalize on the success of Part 1 by making a’s Videos of the Year Part 2! Because when one idea is a success, just keep doing it until the interest isn’t there anymore. Right?

Rather than show you 11 through 20 of the most popular sex videos, I’m going to show you the Top 10 Least Popular Videos of 2013! (technically Bottom 10, I guess…)

Why the least popular? Because I already checked them out and they’re great! I can’t believe you guys weren’t feeling these videos. It just goes to show you that you need to spend even more time browsing because they are some real gems hiding in some of those boards.

Anyways,’s Videos of the Year 2013 – Part 2 starts now! 

10. A sweet taste (2,717 views)


9. Melanie Rios is the babysitter (2,042 views)

Son and the Babysitter brought to you by PornHub

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8. Tiffany Thompson is California Dreaming (1,973 views)


7. Hot couple fucks around the house (1,890 views)


6. Melanie Rios and Riley Jensen lesbian sex scene (1,884 views)


5. Dani Woodward POV (1,832 views)


4. Jennifer White & Leiliani Kiss Me Girl! (1,746 views)


3. Petite Asian Cindy Starfall (1,739 views)


2. Emma Mae plays with her favorite sex toy (1,735 views)


1. Elle Alexandra, Kiera Winters, and Elaina Rae have a sensual lesbian threesome (1,732 views)


Are you guys freaking kidding me?

Why didn’t you guys watch Elle Alexandra and Kiera Winters having sex like 100,000 more times? I mean it’s possible that it was pinned before but that doesn’t mean anything. You should be watching this super hot lesbian threesome every time you see it pop up.

Some other weird things are that Emma Mae was a Babe of the Year and Melanie Rios had one of the most popular videos of 2013. Why are they appearing here in the least watched videos of 2013?

I think it’s because they’ve been pinned before. It’s just so hot that it needs to be pinned multiple times and then watched seldomly.

Not important. I was worried that I would find some totally messed up sex videos but I’m delighted to see that even the lowest of the low is super high-quality content. All the credit goes to you, the pinners! Thank you once again for making such a dang good adult site.

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