Sex dolls can be currency in Siberia

Blow up dolls are a satisfactory substitute for your human girlfriend

Given the worldwide recession we’ve all been dealing with for some time now, a few radicals have proposed the notion that we abolish our current monetary system and replace it with a barter system.

I’ve yet to see any reason to get rid of money because who doesn’t love money? It looks good, it smells good, it feels good. Everything about money is good, minus the fact that there is never enough of it lying around in gigantic piles. However, a Siberian sex shop owner has suddenly made the idea of a bartering system very attractive. Allow me to explain.

What do you do if you own a sex shop with some tax discrepancies in Siberia? Well, the first thing you do is think about how you can move the fuck out of Siberia. But that won’t get the tax man off your back.

The good news is that if you can’t pay the Roubles that you owe, you can always give up some sex toys to cover some of the payment. That’s exactly what one 34-year-old Siberian sex shop owner did to settle his tax problems.

Bailiffs working for the Federal Tax Service accepted two blow-up dolls in partial payment for the sex shop owner’s debt of 90,000 Roubles ($2,979.09). The blow up dolls were valued at 11,000 Roubles a piece ($364.11). The remaining balance was paid in cash.

According to Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, the bailiffs accepted the dolls with the intention of selling them. However, no one knows if they really are for sale or if they’ve already been sold. I’m inclined to believe that they would hold on to them because it’s certainly not every day you come across a free, high-quality sex doll from work.

This isn’t the first time the Russian Federal Tax Service has accepted unusual properties as payment. Some of their other interesting grabs have been metal doors, dog clothes, underwear, pets, bananas, and a helicopter.

So if you find yourself in tax-debt while running a sex shop in Siberia, kick up a couple of blow up dolls as payment.

Bartering doesn’t sound like such a bad idea if sex toys become the new currency…

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Published on: January 10, 2013

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