Sex doll’s virginity up for auction


In the last year, Brazil has had two high-profile virgin auctions. Now there’s a third virgin auction, but this time the virginity that’s up for auction belongs to a Brazilian sex doll named Valentina.

Brazil’s leading sex toy retailer, Sexônico, is auctioning off Valentina‘s virginity as a part of the international “Real Doll” convention happening right now. Valentina is Brazil’s first locally manufactured Real Doll whose state-of-the-art skin has the same texture as human skin, which means is can be soaked in water without being damaged.

I’ve never had sex with a Real Doll or any kind of sex doll, so I’m not sure why the ability to get it wet is a selling point…

The winner of the auction not only gets to deflower Valentina but he (or she) also receives all-expenses-paid travel to Sao Paulo, a free night’s stay in a Presidential suite, and a complimentary candlelight dinner with French champagne for the winner to enjoy with Valentina.

I’d like to just point out that unless the champagne is from the Champagne region of France, it’s just sparkling white wine and not real champagne. But chances are if you’re planning to bid on Valentina’s virginity, you’re probably not too concerned with authenticity.

Sexônico will also throw in some sexy lingerie as your gift to Valentina and a digital camera so that you can share your date and deflowering with all your family and friends. Because everyone wants to see vacation photos, even if all you did on vacation was have sex with a sex doll.

All of this is super weird but the strangest part is that the bidding for Valentina’s “virginity” is currently at $105,100. If that seems like an insanely high price for a one-night’s stand with an inanimate object shaped like a woman that’s because it’s totally fucking insane. Just to put it into perspective, you could buy an Aston-Martin for that kind of money.

God knows I have plenty of inanimate objects that are still virgins. Are they sex dolls? No. But these inanimate objects are virgins. So if anyone wants to spend a couple thousand, feel free to contact me.



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Published on: March 8, 2013

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