Sex While Driving Needs To Be More Popular


Sex while driving is a HUGE PROBLEM

Isn’t driving the worst?

You can’t drink. You can’t text. What’s the freaking point?

I’d much rather spend an extra few hours walking with a Tom Colins in one hand and my phone in the other than have to drive anywhere.

Thankfully, according to a new study from Scout GPS, shows that Americans have found a way to make driving great. Scout GPS surveyed 1,832 American drivers and found that 15% of them would consider having sex behind the wheel and 11% admitted to “having participated in sexual activity while driving.”  

Suddenly driving doesn’t seem so stupid!

No surprise that men were more into sex with driving with 17% of men admitting to having sex while driving because men will have sex literally anywhere.

Strangely, only 5% of women admit to engaging in sex while driving.

So either these women are either

A) lying,

B) blowing everyone that drives a car,


C) it’s mostly gay men having sex while driving. 

Either way, we can do much better than 15% considering sex while driving and 11% actually trying it.

I want you all to promise me that you’ll read this: HOW TO HAVE SEX IN A CAR.

Sex in a car might seem easy, but it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your technique.

Or just watch Mia Malkova seduce her boyfriend as they’re driving home for inspiration:

Amateur teen blond Mia Malkova gives her man a blowjob in the car brought to you by PornHub

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Published on: November 1, 2013

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