“The Sex Factor” Is Giving Away 1 Million Dollars To Porn’s Next Superstar


From left to right: Belle Knox, Lexi Belle, Keiran Lee, Tori Black, and Remy LaCroix

A new reality web series called The Sex Factor is already in production and it promises to find the porn’s next super star.

The Sex Factor will be a lot like X-Factor or American Idol, but instead of singing, hopefuls will have to show off their fuck-ability. The show will feature eight guys and eight girls competing for porn stardom and a jackpot of ONE MILLION DOLLARS. None of the sixteen contestants have been filmed before and America will vote to decide the winners.

Belle Knox, the Duke University pornstar, will be the host of The Sex Factor while Keiran Lee, Lexi BelleTori Black, and Remy LaCroix will be the judges.

Not much else is known about The Sex Factor other than casting calls will begin in San Francisco and the winner will take home the million dollars at the 2015 AVN Award Show in January.

If you think you can be porn’s next superstar and you want to audition for Belle Knox, Lexi Belle, Keiran Lee, Tori Black, and Remy LaCroix, then stay up to date on the production of the show by following them on Twitter: @TheSxFactor.

While we wait to hear more from the production, here are some predictions I have for The Sex Factor

In a move that will literally shock the world, none of the eight female contestants will have fake boobs. Instead, they will all have surgically enhaced butts, officially ushering in the ass-era of porn.


Keiran Lee will be expected to do a Simon Cowell impression for the entirety of the show, but the dude is actually very nice and his true nature shines through.


All eight of the male contestants will all be eliminated before any female contestants because 100% of votes will be from men who think that voting for one of the female contestants will help them have sex with one of the female contestants in the future.


The defacto villain of The Sex Factor will inexplicably be in the running until the final four, even though everyone hates them.


There are going to be twists. It’s a reality show. It’s got to have lots of twists.


Remy LaCroix will be asked to hula-hoop at least once. Allow these Remy LaCroix hula-hoop GIFs explain why:

Source: Uploaded by user via sng on Sex.com

Source: iheartnsfw.com via Rubeus on Sex.com

Source: gif52.tumblr.com via Gif52 on Sex.com

Source: bigassgifs.com via JuiCee on Sex.com

Source: iheartnsfw.com via Rubeus on Sex.com

Source: i.minus.com via DeepSixx on Sex.com

Source: bigassgifs.com via enigmaseed5 on Sex.com


The winner of the million dollar jackpot has a brief but critically acclaimed career in porn. However, once her million dollar nest egg runs out in a couple of years, she returns to porn to more rave reviews.


Despite their soft asses on camera, Tori Black and Lexi Belle are going to be real hard asses.

I’m excited to The Sex FactorThe last time there was a porn reality show, we got Brea Bennett. Which is cool because Brea Bennett is definitely very sexy. So hopefully they find someone like that.

What do y’all think of The Sex Factor? Are y’all excited? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Looks like they’re all having a lot of fun.

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  • enigmaseed5

    That’s a good idea for a reality show. I will watch it. I hope they have a XXX rated version. Your predictions are hilarious! #3 is true and #6 is highly probable I hope it happens though. This is long overdue but I’m finally gonna make Remy LaCroix her own board in my collection. Thanks for using one of my posts again!!

  • La Lunatica

    The perfect backdoor into mainstream is reality television, I’m surprised Porn didn’t take advantage of this sooner. But how will the show handle the various types of porn, will be it all vanilla, IR, Anal, can a female contestant be G/G only. Will the judges get to sample the goods? So many questions.

  • chris

    Hello. Give it a movie or photoshooting? Pls answer me to: christofbruegger@gmail.com

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  • Guest

    Lexi Belle, Remy LaCroix, and Tori Black are three of the best porn stars in the business. This actually sounds like a great idea.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ chicodusto

    Fo sho. They got the right people behind so I hope things work out.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ chicodusto


  • http://www.sex.com/news/ chicodusto

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I know I’ll be somewhat disappointed if it’s all censored. Like they go into a box and only the judges can watch them fuck.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ chicodusto

    Ha thanks, glad you liked them.

    And thanks in advance for the Remy LaCroix board. Can you post a link to the board in a reply so I (and whoever else wants to) can follow it? Thanks!

  • chris

    Where i can buy?

  • enigmaseed5
  • enigmaseed5

    Oh yeah btw Belle Knox absolutely does not belong on a panel with seasoned professionals. Also she isn’t nowhere near as hot as any of those other 3 women. Lexi Belle’s eyes are so mind controlling. Tori Black is just an uber fuck machine, the scenes I have seen with her in it is so wild! And Remy LaCroix OMFG, OMFG, OMFG, I just Love her!! Even Keiran Lee is hotter than Belle Knox. They should ask Nina Hartley to be on the show to represent for MILFS/Cougars and Legendary XXX stars.Nina is hotter than Belle Knox. Just my opinion…

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  • Ryan Randazzo

    when does this air and what site can I see it on