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This is what I really wanted for Christmas

This is what I really wanted for Christmas

Christmas 2013 is about to wrap up and maybe it’s just me but it’s been another huge letdown. That’s not to suggest that I didn’t some sick material goods that I have absolutely no use for, but it just sucks because sex acts are still considered “inappropriate” gifts.

Now I have to wait a month and a half until Valentine’s Day before receiving a sex act as a gift from my significant others (yes, plural).

So now that you have all your presents piled up and waiting to be re-gifted ┬ánext year, I’m curious to know what you guys would have really wanted this Christmas.

If you could have had any of these sex acts as gifts this Christmas, which would it have been:


There’s always Valentine’s Day to get the sex act you wanted this Christmas. And if not Valentine’s Day…there’s always next Christmas.

If the sex act you wanted this Christmas isn’t in that poll, please tell us what you wanted in the comments!

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Published on: December 25, 2013

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