The Sex Noises of Mes Voisins Baisent

Mes Voisins Baisent

Mes Voisins Baisent

Have you ever been sleeping peacefully and then rudely awakened by your neighbors having loud sex?

Being woken up by loud sex noises isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s much better than hearing loud domestic disturbance noises from across the hall.

Whenever I get woken up by loud sex noises I’m like, “Ok we get it. You’re having sex right now. Wrap it up!”

If the neighbors aren’t finished having sex within 30 seconds, what can I do other than listen intently to the sex noises and get very aroused?

Well now there’s something you can do whenever you’re woken up by loud sex noises. There’s a new blog called Mes Voisins Baisent (which is French for My Neighbors Are Fucking) that encourages people to record their neighbors loud sex noises and share them online!

Here’s a sample of the aural pleasure you derive from listening to strangers loud sex noises: 

Quebec2 by mesvoisinsbaisent

MVB Toulouse par Florentin by mesvoisinsbaisent

Now I’m not entirely sure what Mes Voisins Baisent is trying to accomplish by sharing the loud sex noises of neighbors around the world.

Are they trying to shame the people having sex too loud?

Are they trying to arouse us with loud sex noises?

Are they trying to find the horniest and most annoying neighbors around the world?

The only thing I know for sure is that aural sexual stimulation is super underrated. Everyone is preoccupied with looks and touch, but I would argue that sound, no matter how quiet or loud, is an important sense in arousal and seduction.

So please, support loud sex noises by visiting Mes Voisin Baisent:

I hope to see the hallway of my apartment someday soon on Mes Voisin Baisent because I’m sure that my neighbors are fed up by all the loud sex noises coming from my apartment.

Just don’t tell them that the sex noises are coming from my computer because I’m watching free sex videos on and not actually having sex.

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Published on: November 7, 2013

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