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Sex on Pile of Cash Ends In Robbery

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sexygirl money Sex on Pile of Cash Ends In Robbery


Always be suspicious of sex dates you set up on the internet.

Be especially suspicious of sex dates set up on the internet that require you to bring a big stack of cash.

In Palo Alto, California two men, 22 and 30 years old, had separately made plans to meet a woman they had met on the internet and have sex with her. The only condition of the date was that they had to bring $2,000 cash.


Apparently the plan was to spread out the $2,000 and have sex on top of it.

When the men arrived at the location, they were robbed by a pair of men.

And no one had any sex.

And worse, one of the guys lost his job because he “borrowed” the $2,000.

Safe sex isn’t just wearing a condom. It’s knowing that you’re not going to get robbed.

Stay safe out there!

via the Mountain View Voice.
Sharing Gets You Laid
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