Sex or Sleep?

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Your mattress could be affecting your sex life.

Let me start by saying that I don’t have a mattress of my own. The only mattresses I sleep on belong to whatever the poor girl who ends up taking me home after last call. On the rare occasion that I do sleep at home, I sleep on an assortment of hay and twigs with a shower curtain on top because I believe that this gives me strange sexual powers.

I’m assuming that you all have mattresses. If you all also sleep on an assortment of hay and twigs with a shower curtain on top to receive strange sexual powers, we should hang out more.

If you do have a mattress, I sincerely hope that you don’t own a memory foam mattress because a memory foam mattress could be ruining your sex life. 

Memory foam mattresses have been a popular alternative to the centuries old spring mattress because memory foam distributes your body weight evenly, which is supposed to be more comfortable.

However, it’s this even weight distribution that could be a problem for your sex life. Spring mattresses are bouncy, which can help when having sex whereas a memory foam mattress has no give and it’s like trying to fuck someone stuck in quicksand.

There are some crazy people out there that swear by the memory foam mattress because it is supposedly a superior sleeping experience. According to the SexySleep study, 40% of people who purchased a memory foam mattress had regrets about doing so because they did not consider what it would be like having sex on an alternative-style mattress.

The SexySleep study found that the best mattress for both sleep and sex was a hybrid mattress that offers the best from the memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses. These mattresses will cuddle you but also give you some leeway for fucking. But then again…the SexySleep study was conducted by a company called Leggett & Platt that manufactures hybrid mattresses.

But this study raises an interesting question, what’s more important to you: sex or sleep?


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Published on: May 9, 2013

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  • A.R.G.

    I voted for sleep because you need to sleep everyday. You don’t need sex everyday. It would be nice to have sex every day but never sleeping would be bad.

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  • Chico Dusty

    No need to justify your choice. One is more important to you than the other. Nothing wrong with that.

  • santov12

    It’s honestly a very silly question. You can go your entire life without ever having sex and not suffer any ill health effects. But go too long without sleep and you’ll drop dead.

  • nadeem

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  • nadeem

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  • Chico Dusty

    OK. So would you rather live your whole life without ever having sex or die from sleep deprivation after having all the sex in the world?

  • Chico Dusty

    This is what you want

  • alexandrix73

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