Sex Toys For Long Distance Lovers –’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013

For a lot of couples in long distance relationships, Christmas is one of the few times during the year where they are reunited to make up for months of lost time sex with each other.

Obviously all the reunion sex these couples are set to have over the Christmas break is going to worth the work they’ve put in to staying together, but if only there was a way for couples in long distance relationships could enjoy sex with each other when the holidays are over and they’re back dealing with the distance.

Well there is a way! UK sex toy manufacturer EFEELINK has designed a set of sex toys that’s perfect for long distance lovers and it’s the perfect gift for your long distance lover this Christmas. 

So how does EFEELINK‘s toys help the sex lives of long distance lovers? Easy.

There are two components. The Efee for men:


The Efee

And the Amanda for women:


The Amanda

Both toys are made out of body-safe silica and are equipped with green rechargeable batteries.

What makes these sex toys perfect for long distance couples is the KChat app. The KChat app allows you to connect your EFEELINK product with your partner’s so you can control it no matter where you are in the world once it’s connected to your Android phone!



KChat allows couples to voice and video chat while also transferring motion orders to the sex toys. For example, a man could send vibration and frequency signals to his lady friend’s Amanda and then he would receive psychological signals like pressure, temperature, and pulse to enhance the pleasure of his Efee.

Of course, this will never replace real sex (though it might), but feeling your partner is a big step up from just masturbating on Skype. That’s why if you’re in a long distance relationship, I recommend getting each other EFEELINK products, so that you can stay connected sexually despite being hundreds of miles away.

For a limited time only, you can get a discount on EFEELINK products when you download the app! Visit to download the KLink app and find out more on how you can make long distance sex more pleasurable than ever before!

And hey! If you want an EFEELINK product but you aren’t in a long distance relationship, no need to worry! All EFEELINK products work for solo sessions too!

EFEELINK has a special app for single people that lets them synchronize their vibration to their favorite song or video with the KFeel app (just like the OhMiBod).

So what are you waiting for?

This Christmas, enjoy better sex with your long distance lover or just have some fun to your favorite song with EFEELINK.!

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  • abbe

    It is really great product i have ever met in Berlin VENUS,Germany in Oct. REALLY GREAT

  • Chico Dusty

    I can’t wait to try them for myself!

  • Yodel

    very cool.

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