Sex Toys Are Now Tax Deductible

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Tax Day has come and gone once again, which means we get to be totally irresponsible with our money until next April!

Everyone hates taxes. That’s a fact. However, there is some good news this week about taxes and it’s just for the hot babes working those┬álive web cams. Next year when it’s time to do your taxes, you can deduct sex toys and other sex products as a business expense!

Vincent Porter, a CPA from Arlington, Texas had a client that wanted to write off $200 worth of sex toys, lube, and lingerie. Porter gave her the thumbs up, believing that all her sex accessories were a legitimate business expense.

“If a roofer can deduct the cost of his tools used in his line of work, then an ‘actress’ may deduct her ‘tools’ used to generate revenue as well,” Porter said. “As long as she was not doing anything illegal, then we could support the deduction.”

CNN broke this story with their annual Tax Day feature Crazy Tax Deductions. Some other crazy tax deductions include air conditioning, nose jobs, and money sacrificed to God.

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Published on: April 17, 2013

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