The Future is Now – Sex with Google Glass


I love reading on Google Glass while getting a handjob

Some people like watching themselves have sex.  That’s exactly why my bedroom is a circus funhouse, with giant mirrors mounted on every wall and on the ceiling.  LOVE seeing my own butt.  But, soon, you’ll be able to achieve the same effect – except that, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on mirrors, you can now spend thousands of dollars on a couple of pairs of Google Glasses as well as the “Sex with Google Glass” app.

The future is now, and I’m freaking out man!

Let’s be honest for a second – ever since Google Glass was announced, the first question that legions of people probably asked was one of the following:

1) Can I use it to watch porn?

2) Can I use it to enhance my sex life/have virtual reality sex?

Now my most prevalent and all-consuming fantasy will become a reality!  I can’t wait to enter the cyborg and cyber-samurai infested seedy underbelly of the virtual reality hacker dystopia that Google Glass will no doubt certainly provide.

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Google Glass, more like Google Ass.

But actually, the sex with google glass app is basically Snapchat – you can use it to record your sexual encounter from various angles and perspectives, but your video only lasts for 5 hours, at which point it is deleted forever.

Personally, I don’t really get the value of seeing my own freakish body from the perspective of the person I’m having sex with.  Might be kinda cool for those people who are really into POV-style porn though.

It’s neat  that you can watch yourself from a variety of different angles,  record yourself, see things from your partner’s eyes, and use voice commands  – but this doesn’t exactly seem like the killer sex-app that everyone was hoping for.

Details are still somewhat scarce and the company developing this app still has plenty of time to add features and make this app more enticing, but right now, I’m certainly not going to run out and buy Google Glass, the most expensive sex toy in the world – I already have a 10 year old video camera collecting dust in my closet.  Good enough, right?

If there’s one thing that I’ve taken away from my research on this new app, it’s that, soon, our sexual partners will be replaced by cold, loveless robots who can provide the technical benefits that us puny humans can’t even begin to understand.  I, for one, can’t wait!

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Published on: January 21, 2014

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  • cybersexboi

    Personally I don’t get the point of these at all. I think that there can be some really cool concepts and ideas delivered through Google Glass, and this kind of just seems rushed and tacked on. I understand people wanting to be the FIRST sex app for a new technology, to try and be a trend setter, but quality over quantity. Just my opinion.

  • Chico Dusty

    I agree. First doesn’t guarantee it to be the best. Sure there will be a huge spike at first but eventually someone who has taken their time to build a good interface will be the one that lasts.