The Sexiest Body Types For Women

Nikki Benz and Kortney Kane

Big fake boobs are out

A decade ago, one in eight women said that they aspired to have a “pornstar body”.

That means big fake boobs, thin waist, exaggerated ass, etc. You’ve all seen pornstars before, you know what I mean.

A new study has found that women aren’t aspiring to have the pornstar body anymore. Only one in two hundred women said that they still want to the big boobs and minuscule waist.

Young women are saying that the pornstar body is “tacky and dated” and describing it as “overhyped, oversexed and demeaning”.

This image of pornstars (I’m talking huge boobs, blonde hair, and tiny waist) is even dated within the adult industry. In fact, if you were to calculate the average of every pornstar in the adult industry to create the “generic pornstar” you would get a brunette with size 34B boobs. But you can read more about that in this article:

What Can We Learn From 10,000 Pornstars?

In addition to rejecting the pornstar body, more women are finding the plus-sized look or BBW‘s more attractive (up from 1.5% to 3%) and they’re also rejecting the super thin Kate Moss-look. Only 7% feel the pin-thin figure is attractive.

So with the pornstar body and super-thin figure falling out of favor and the plus-sized body slowly gaining ground, what body types do women find the most attractive?

There are two:

  1. Fit not thin
  2. The “Soft Body”

What exactly are the features of these two new sexiest body types? Well, allow me to explain them to you. 

1) Fit not thin

One in five women now say that the body type they aspire to have is the “Fit not thin” body. The “Fit not thin” body is exactly how it sounds.

A flat stomach just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need toned abs to go with that flat stomach.

Let me show you some examples:

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Being skinny is an unattainable goal because most people’s idea of skinny is totally unrealistic. Even if you are skinny, you still end up thinking that you don’t measure up because there’s no way real way for you to measure your skinniness. Your clothes might fit looser and your scale may tell you that you weigh less but it’s a never ending pursuit because you’ll never be skinny enough to be satisfied.

Thankfully, more women are focused on fitness rather than skinniness. Getting fit is far more measurable because you can actually track your own progress and see changes in your body. Unlike the unrealistic goal of being skinny, getting fit focuses on many attainable goals like riding your bike another quarter mile or being able to do ten chin-ups until you’ve reached your ideal body type.

Plus, when you pursue fitness, you’re pursuing health for your entire body rather just wasting away while you count calories. Your blood will flow better, your brain makes more endorphins,  you’ll get stronger, be more confident. Fitness is better than skinniness.

As the “Fit not thin” body type grows in popularity, I foresee people getting addicted to fitness and constantly working out to achieve an unrealistic level of fitness, but that’s still better than starving yourself to death, right?

2) The Soft Body

The Soft Body is now the most popular body type for women with 68% of women saying that they’re ideal body type is the Soft Body and 38% of women saying that it was the sexiest body type.

So what is the Soft Body?

In simple terms, the Soft Body is curves. All-natural, glorious curves.

Let me show you some examples of the Soft Body:

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That’s right!

Curves are making a comeback.

Giant, inflated breasts and tiny waists may look good in porn movies, but they’re just weird in real life. And that’s all that counts.

According to the study, 79% of women claimed that their partner preferred their natural Soft Body curves whereas only 3% said men preferred their pornstar boobs. Great!

Ursula Dewey,‘s Editorial Manager said of the study that, “The soft body is the biggest change in women’s health and beauty in decades.”

“It’s rocketing popularity shows women are turning their backs on being told to have over the top surgical enhancement or extreme diets are once again embracing their natural beauty and curves.”

‘The look has been popular throughout history with stars like size 14 Marilyn Monroe – and it’s the one look which men and women both adore.”

I couldn’t agree more. You’d think that with the media’s ubiquity these days, women’s body images would be even more at risk. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

The reason I find curves sexy is because I know deep down that it’s how a woman should look like. Big, fake pornstar boobs are a novelty. They’re fun to look at but at the end of the day, they’re not real. Just like porn movies.

Pornstar bodies are like fast food and natural curves are like a turkey dinner. Fast food looks, smells, tastes, and feels like real food but it’s never as satisfying as real food. That’s because it’s not real food. You’re forced to keep going back to it, hoping for to get that satisfaction but it’s just not there. You’ll never get the same full sensation from a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Does that make any sense? Oh well, moving on.

I’m ecstatic to see that women feel the same way about their bodies. The only bad thing is that even though women are embracing the natural look again, 92% of women still say they feel pressure to keep up with body image trends.

Ladies, read this very carefully: YOU LOOK GREAT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

I know you may not always feel good about your body but just stay positive and confident and everything will work out.

Stats via The Daily Mail.

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