Sexiest NBA Fans


If Kayden Kross doesn’t get you excited for basketball…I don’t know what will.

Finally! The day we’ve all been waiting for is here.


Will the Rockets be a contender now that they’ve added big man Dwight Howard?

Can Damien Lillard build off his hot rookie season or is he headed for a sophomore slump?

How much does Tim Duncan have left in the tank?

Can the Pistons make the playoffs with a team that has a surplus of size and not enough shooting?

Will Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony kill each other now that they’re both in New York (Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks respectively)?

Are the Miami Heat going to win a third straight NBA Championship?

So many questions and none of them will be answered until the end of the 2014 season in April. What can we do to pass the time? How about looking at the Top 10 Sexiest NBA Fans? Why not, right? If these girls don’t get you excited for the new NBA season, maybe basketball isn’t your thing. At least you get to see some sexy NBA-loving babes!

Ok. Here we go. The TOP 10 Sexiest NBA Fans

10. Abella Anderson

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The pride of Miami Abella Anderson loves the Heat. There was no way she wasn’t making this list.


9. The Celtics suck but this Celtics fan is gorgeous!

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8. Claudia Romani

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7. Riley Steele

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4. Busty Knicks Fan had to with her custom NBA jersey for big tits

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3. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are going to dominate this year because they have the sexiest babe of all time’s support. The sexiest babe of all time is Alysha Nett.

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2. Gabrielle Union is married to Dwyane Wade. Therefore she’s a Miami Heat fan. And damn is she sexy.

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1. Jessie Rogers

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Why is Jessie Rogers the sexiest NBA fan? Well, if you’ve seen any of Jessie Rogers’s porn pictures or movies, you know that she’s a total babe. However, her sex appeal went through the roof when she put up this video trashing the Miami Heat:

Not only does Jessie have one of the best asses in history, she can pinpoint exactly why you should hate the Miami Heat. If that doesn’t make her the sexiest NBA fan ever, then you’re probably a Miami Heat fan, which in that case…GO TO HELL!

So hopefully this Top 10 has got you ready for another electrifying NBA season. But if you’re still not a big basketball fan, just watch this video:

Capri Cavanni fucks on the basketball court

Super hot basketball fucking brought to you by PornHub

Now when you watch basketball, just think of Capri Cavanni having sex. That’ll turn you into a basketball fan in no time.

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