Sexting 101

Just one of the many reasons why sexting is awesome

Just one of the many reasons why sexting is awesome

Sexting has claimed yet another victim.

Scott Sassa, an executive who oversaw Hearst’s ESPN interests (Hearst is a publishing company that owns 20% of ESPN), resigned from his position today after an L.A. based stripper forwarded a series of sexts to his colleagues. According to Page Six, the sexts were “illicit”, “steamy” and used language that “”you absolutely would not want your bosses to see.” (I should hope the sexts were illicit, steamy, and obscene, otherwise what would be the point of sexting?)

Sadly, the stripper from L.A. was working with her boyfriend to extort Sassa. She had been threatening to distribute the sexts if he refused to pay her. As you already know, Sassa refused and he was fired. Even though the stripper didn’t get any money, she still won.

Sexting is a fun and easy way for adults (18+ only) to engage in foreplay when they’re away from each other. Yet for some reason, a lot of adults don’t seem to know how to do it properly. Smart, competent adults keep getting in trouble for sexting. First there was Brett Favre, then Anthony Weiner, and now Scott Sassa. They’ve all been publicly disgraced because of sexting.

Until texting becomes an obsolete form of communication, sexting isn’t going anywhere. So whether you’re new to sexting or a seasonsed-sexter, we thought it would be a good idea to review the fundamentals of sexting so that you can have some sexual phone fun without getting into trouble.


Ease into it

Although it’s tempting to come on strong and send a full nude photo of yourself to someone you like, it’s not a good idea. Surprise nude photos while sexting can lead to photo-leaks or the abrupt end of your sexting relationship. Take things slow with some light flirting and teasing, letting the hotter and heavier sexting unfold naturally.


Resist the full nude shot

When sending naked photos of yourself to another person, you never want to include your fully nude body with your face. Take close-ups instead of longer shots because this it’s safer can keep your partner guessing. I remember when my friend Tobias Funke sent me accidentally sent me a picture of his scrotum and I mistook it for the Iraqi countryside.


Burn after reading

As much as you’d like to keep all the dirty words and naked photos you will receive throughout your sexting career, you can’t. Think of it as like evidence to a crime you just committed. It has to be disposed of quickly otherwise you’ll get caught and it will be your downfall (that’s why Snapchat is great for avid sexters).


Know who you’re sexting

Never, ever sext with someone you don’t know very well. Sure, it’s super hot and dangerous but this is how people get in trouble. You could find yourself the target of a blackmail plot if you sext with a stranger. Right, Scott Sassa? Unsolicited sexts are a form of sexual harassment, which will get you in trouble. You and whoever you’re sexting with need to be on the exact same page. Whatever that may be is up to you, just make sure you know the person you’re sexting and that your intentions are clear.


Know who you’re sexting – PART 2

The most common excuse for sexting that gets leaked is that it was sent to the wrong person. How many times have people tried to save face by saying, “Oops! I accidentally tweeted that!” or “Aunt Helga, don’t read my previous text!” or “What’s a cellphone?” It’s a sext not a text. There’s no need to rush through it. Take the time to double check you’re sending it to the right person. It will save you from tons of embarrassment and a lot of explaining.


Follow these basic rules to the best of your ability when sexting and things are going to be just fine. There is one rule that we did not mention yet and that is HAVE FUN. Having fun is the most important thing about sex and pretty much every activity in life.

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