Shay Laren, Glamor Model Extraordinaire

Shay Laren sexy lingerie

Shay Laren

Some of you may already know that the month of May is International Masturbation MonthIf you didn’t already know, then check out our Female Masturbation Top 10 to get psyched for this month.

Although I will say this about our Female Masturbation Top 10, there was a huge oversight. There were no pictures of one of the sexiest babes to masturbate, but thankfully we’re making her Babe of the Day to make up for it.

That’s right, Shay Laren is one of the sexiest women to regularly masturbate in front of a camera for our pleasure so let’s see what Shay Laren has for us during this month of masturbation.

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Do you guys know much about Shay Laren?

She’s only one of the hottest glamor models in the game. I’m sure glamor model is a term you’ve seen a thousand times before. Have you ever wondered what the difference between a glamor model and a porn star is? It’s pretty simple. Glamor models just pose nude or in bikinis. Porn stars have sex.

But Shay Laren has done lesbian sex scenes. So…does that make her a porn star rather than a glamor model?


Who cares really? It’s not important. What is important is Shay Laren‘s big boobs. 36D boobs to be exact.

What’s cool about Shay Laren was that she was “discovered” by another sexy glamor model, Crystal Klein. The story goes that Shay Laren and Crystal Klein were neighbors and Crystal Klein sent in some sexy pics of Shay Laren to Penthouse. After that it was a done deal. The photos were great and they had to have more.

Here’s Shay Laren and Crystal Klein having some lesbian sex:

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Hot, right?

Let’s look at some more Shay Laren pictures to celebrate International Masturbation Month.

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Yes, our Top 10 was very flawed for not including Shay Laren. Seriously, what a babe. Babe of the Day, you might even say.

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