Siberian Teen Virginity Auction


Siberian Teen Virgin

A teenager in Siberia, identified by local media as Shatuniha has just successfully sold her virginity to the highest bidder on the Russian online auction website

“I am in urgent need of money, so I am selling the most precious thing I possess,” wrote Shatuniha in the auction description.

Shatuniha’s virginity was on sale for just one day before Evgeniy Volnov, the auction winner, agreed to pay $27,950, which is some $3,000 more than her original asking price. 

Virginity auctions aren’t anything new. However, the main problem with previous virginity auctions is whether or not it qualifies as prostitution. Siberian police were contacted about the auction but have no plans to investigate. In their assessment of the case, they said that no laws have been broken and the auction does not “…fit into a description of the ‘Prostitution’ clause.”

A spokesman for Siberian police added that the department has “no right to give a moral assessment of girl’s actions.”

You’d think that exchanging money for sex would qualify as prostitution, but I guess they do things differently in Siberia. Good for Shatuniha. She gets the money she urgently needs and she won’t have to deal with the police.

The person I’m worried about in this story is Evgeniv Volnov. Though Shatuniha has prepared a “document confirming [her] virginity”, the Siberian Times noticed that Shatuniha previously tried to auction off her virginity in April 2013. There’s no information as to whether or not she successfully sold her virginity back then.

Can someone please explain what the appeal is of taking someone’s virginity?

I’ve taken a few V-cards in my time and it’s never been fun. For one, virgins don’t know a goddamn thing in bed because they’ve never had sex before. So because they have no experience, sex is just awkward and uncomfortable. $27,950 is too much money for an evening of weird and disappointing sex.

For two, have you ever seen the movie Kids? I don’t want to be like Telly. What a creep.

Maybe it’s the appeal of sex with a virgin is a sexual clean slate? You don’t have to worry about living up to expectations set by previous partners, which some men might feel liberating. That can’t be it because their understanding of sex has been built up to unrealistic standards. Thanks a lot over-sexed mainstream media and the ubiquity of free internet pornography.

Are the people who love sex with virgins getting off on the idea that they were their first? Getting off on the bragging rights that they hit it first? I genuinely don’t get it.

What do you think of sex with virgins? Please discuss in the comments.

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