Simple Moves For Hotter Sex

If you’ve been following this blog’s sex tips, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that we like to give you detailed sex tips on specific, often bizarre, topics.

Today, I was hoping to write one of these specific, bizarre sex tips but nothing came to me. So instead enjoy this list of simple moves that you can use during sex to make the sex hotter! 

Undress Yourself

A striptease is the single most effective way for a woman to get a man’s attention, other than grabbing him by the scrotum. Plus, a striptease is nicer than holding our balls for ransom.

If you feel your man undressing you, push him back and make him stay where he can’t reach you. Then remove each article of clothing until you’re totally nude. You can be as playful as you want with it, but starting with a tease will make for hotter sex.

Play with the ears!

Now, I should note that not everyone is going to enjoy having their ears played with. So try it and check with your partner if they’re into.

With that said, the ears are an often overlooked erogenous zone! Some light breathing or nibbling will send shivers down your partner’s spine. And also with your lips right next to your partner’s ear, you’re in a perfect position to whisper some dirty talk into their ear.

Hold Hands

I know what you’re thinking…”Holding hands is hella stupid.” Normally I would agree with you but holding hands during sex is actually hella cool.

The human hand is packed with nerve endings, and touching someone you love instantly sends happy signals to both your brains. The more parts of your bodies that are connected during sex will give the whole experience an intimate feel, which means it’s totally hot.

Slow It Down / Edging

If I may generalize for a minute, the reason you’re having terrible sex is because your having sex with a goal in mind: the orgasm.

For some reason, all people care about with sex is finishing rather than enjoying the experience. Ironically, the best way to enjoy an orgasm is to make not even a priority.

Agree with your partner that if they feel an orgasming coming, slow down. Or take a break for some oral sex. Or do some passionate kissing. Or change sex position. Anything to delay the orgasm!

Once you’re finally ready to finish, your orgasms will be more intense and satisfying than if you just let the initial orgasm happen. This practice is commonly referred to as “edging” and you should try it!

Masturbate Together!

I know that masturbation is something that you do alone at home or when no one can see you in the stacks of your local public library, but try it as a couple!

Sure it might be a little embarrassing at first, but getting yourself off in front of your partner should teach them how to get you off better. Now remember, no one can get you off as good as you, but at least your partner might pick up on some moves or kinks that you do to get off that you may not even know about.

Not only that but if you’ve ever felt guilty for masturbating while you’re dating someone (even though you shouldn’t), masturbating together will liberate you from that feeling.

So try masturbating together or for each other! I guarantee that your partner won’t be able to resist just watching for very long. IE, hot sex.



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Published on: March 5, 2014

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