Skin Diamond Rejects US Olympian Who Asked Her Out

Well, he sort of asked her out, through TMZ.

Josh Mance, a silver-medal winning US Olympian from the 2012 Olympics was confronted by TMZ in an airport the other day.  He asked the TMZ paparazzo to do him a favour – track down famous pornstar Skin Diamond and tell her to ‘come home.’  He goes on to talk about how the magic of Skin Diamond is her innocence.  The paparazzo asks Mance whether he could see himself actually dating a pornstar, to which Mance replies that, as long as they had figured out an arrangement together, he wouldn’t really have a problem with it.

Of course, wanting to exploit Josh’s honesty about his porn-viewing habits and crushes, TMZ immediately approached Skin Diamond to get a reaction:

Well, she seems totally non-committal about the whole thing, which is a totally fair reaction when someone vaguely attempts to ask you out with TMZ as a middleman.  I don’t think Josh Mance has a chance – Skin Diamond specifically mentions that she needs someone with a strong direct personality, so expressing your attraction towards with her with a celebrity gossip website as a conduit doesn’t seem like the best idea.

And, if you don’t know who Skin Diamond is, then what rock have you been living under for the last year?  She’s one of the hottest pornstars around, and is quickly gaining a huge amount of fans and traction in the industry.   Check out these pictures of her if you’re in the dark.

On an aside, what kind of name is Skin Diamond? It’s pretty catchy and its not necessarily bad, but it’s just kind of confusing. Like wtf is a Skin Diamond? I picture an actual diamond with skin stretched over it, and that shit gross though.

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Published on: July 29, 2014

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