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Skin Diamond

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Skin Diamond

Babe of the Day: Skin Diamond

Place of Origin: Ventura, California

Age: 26

Height: 5’5″

Measurements:  32B-25-35

Skin Diamond is a total babe. You already know that.

She does a lot of hardcore scenes. Lots of anal, some squirting. You know. You’ve seen all of Skin Diamond’s pictures and videos.

Today, I stumbled upon a Vimeo video of today’s Babe of the Day keeping it simple. Maybe it’s just me, but for me simple is sexy.

Why not watch the video and see for yourself?

Here now is Skin Diamond’s Erotic Session:

Erotic session ~ Skin Diamond from edd on Vimeo.

Dang, that girl is sexy!

My hands are tied. I had no choice but to make Skin Diamond Babe of the Day.

In honour of Skin Diamond being made Babe of the Day, I’d like to share with y’all my favourite pictures of her shot by the man, Van Styles. Check them out: 

  • sd a1 1 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda1 3 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda1 4 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda1 5 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda1 7 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • Sda1 8 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda1 9 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda1 011 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda1 018 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda2 2 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda2 5 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda2 011 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda2 013 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda3 4 220x220 Skin Diamond
  • sda3 010 220x220 Skin Diamond

Interestingly enough, those pictures were released exactly a year ago. Coincidence? I think not. It was only a matter of time that she was made Babe of the Day.

I still can’t believe that she was mainstream model that turned to porn. She chose to be that hardcore. So be thankful!

Sharing Gets You Laid
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  • sam

    I just love her!

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    Who doesn’t love her? She’s such a cutie!

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    i love d baby bob