Spreadsheets Sex App Contest!

What are the two things you love most?

If it’s sex and data then you’re in luck because there’s a new sex app that measures your movements and noise level in bed to give you sexual activity data.

The app is called Spreadsheets and its a fun new way to see what your sex life is like.

Let’s watch their commercial: 

Seems like fun right?

Spreadsheets measures how long the sex lasts, the speed and frequency of the couple’s sexual rhythm, and the noise made during sex. On top of that, the app has challenges for you to unlock for points. For example, if you were to have sex in the morning with Spreadsheets, you would unlock the “Hello Sunshine” badge and get 10 points!

Some people have been critical of Spreadsheets saying that the quality of sex can’t be measured in data points and that an app that qualifies sex in rigid metrics. It’s really not about that. C’mon.

The way I see it, the app is just fun for couples. As long as you both feel happy with your sex life, you’re having quality sex. You don’t need an app to tell you that. You all should know that by now.

This sex app isn’t here to rate your sex life, it’s here to make spice up your sex life with some interesting statistics.

It’s just fun to know that the sex you just had lasted for 45 minutes and at one point you were 60 decibels loud.

As for the badges to unlock, you shouldn’t view it as sexual feats you need to accomplish. It’s just a bunch of suggestions to help spice up your sex life.

spreadsheet sex app

Spreadsheets in action

Spreadsheets is just a fun sex app for you and your partner to try.

For the rest of August, you can download Spreadsheets for just $1.99.

To really get you excited about Spreadsheets, we’ve got a contest.

The good people behind Spreadsheets are going to give away three T-shirts to three lucky winners!

Here’s what you need to do to win:

There are three ways to win:

  1. Longest Duration
  2. Most Total Thrusts
  3. Highest Decibel Peak

Send your best to contests@sex.com or chicodustyblog@gmail.com and you could win some sweet swag from Spreadsheets!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.54.42 AM

Good luck everyone!

And remember, have fun first and worry about the contest second.

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