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Stevie Shae

Babe of the Day: Stevie Shae

Place of Origin: San Jose, California

Age: 20

Height: 5’5″

Measurements: 34C – 26 – 34 

I’ve been meaning to make Stevie Shae Babe of the Day for a while because who doesn’t love an authentic California blonde?

You want to know why Stevie Shae is the best? Because she’s the only person in history that’s able to pull off a peace sign tattoo. Whenever I see a peace sign tattoo, my eyes immediately roll as if it were a reflex.

The first time I saw Stevie Shae, I said to myself, “Woah! Who is this all-natural beauty and how can I become her slave?” Just to be clear, I’m not talking about a sex-slave. I would perfectly happy just doing hard, manual labor for free specifically for Stevie Shae and no one else.

But then I saw her peace sign tattoo.

I waited and waited for my eyes to roll but it never happened. Afraid of what might be happening to my body, I googled “peace sign tattoos”. Sure enough, my eyes were rolling so much I passed out for a few minutes.

When I came to, I resumed ogling Ms Shae. Still no eye roll. That’s when I realized that Stevie Shae’s peace sign tattoo is just plain sexy. Just like her and everything she does. She’s got a Midas touch for sex appeal. Everything she touches just magically becomes sexy, no matter how much your core values may disagree with it.

If you need proof of Ms Shae’s sex-Midas touch or you just want to see her sexy peace sign tattoo for yourself, you’re in luck because she’s got some new photos out courtesy of

Let’s take a sneak peek:


So fine.

You know she’s a babe if she’s shooting with

Congratulations to Stevie Shae for being Babe of the Day! Long overdue if you ask me.

Ms Shae, if you’re looking for someone to do hard, back-breaking manual labor, I’m still very interested in being your non-sexual slave.


*Bio courtesy of Babepedia.

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Published on: August 9, 2013

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