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There are approximately 4,251,715 women in New York City, but I’m inclined to agree with The Village Voice that Stoya is the prettiest girl in New York. 

Why did The Village Voice name Stoya the prettiest girl in New York? Because it’s a snappy headline that will make you read their in-depth article about Stoya.

Stoya, of course, is one of Digital Playground big contract stars, which I’ve always thought was kind of strange but who cares. If you give her a chance she’ll be your favorite pornstar.

Aside from checking out her sex picturesand sex videos, I would recommend you read Stoya, Pop Star of Porn, The Village Voice‘s interview/profile of Stoya. It looks at how she got into porn, her rumored relationship with James Deen, and what it’s like for one of the most popular pornstars in the world to live in New York City rather than California.

Best of all, there’s an anecdote involving Stoya‘s boobs that is absolutely amazing.

As you know, Stoya‘s boobs are listed as 34B, which isn’t an uncommon bust size for pornstars but it can be a hard sell because let’s face it, people like big boobs, especially in porn.

Anyways, Digital Playground offered Stoya free breast implants not once but twice. In an attempt to get her to reconsider getting free breast implants, the company sat her down next to a plastic surgeon at an awards show. And what did Stoya say to that poor plastic surgeon? “I’ve seen your work, and I am not impressed.”

Fuck. Yeah. Stoya.

How lame would it be if Stoya had fake boobs? Thankfully, she’s smart enough not to make such a bad decision.

The Village Voice article also makes reference to Stoya‘s least favorite co-star. She once wrote in reference to this anonymous co-star, “Peel strips of her skin off and douse her in lemon juice and just let me watch!”

I wonder who that could be…

Jesse Jane?

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Riley Steele?

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Kayden Kross?

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Selena Rose?

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Manuel Ferrara maybe?

To be honest, it’s probably none of these pornstars because they all had a big orgy scene together recently and it seemed like a pretty chill time.

CODE OF HONOR, ORGY scene! Ultimate XXX Blockbuster Movie of 2013 brought to you by PornHub via bubblegumtaint on

Anyways, read The Village Voice‘s Stoya article because it’s great. Check it out here.

And also never stop pinning Stoya‘s pictures and videos.


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  • Yimcha

    Stoya with implants would be an abomination against the porn Gods.

  • Grampy

    Kayden > Stoya > Riley > Jesse > Selena

  • Chico Dusty

    I don’t second this.

  • Xanuujiye12


  • http://aqws nokia2013


  • Cashfan

    Lupe Fuentes had “small” tits. I loved them. Then the boob job. It looks so fake and I don’t like them. Plus they scared her nipples.

  • Cashfan

    I like all the boobs, small, big, huge …doesn’t matter. Every woman has her own unique appeal. I just wish they would leave the alone …unless of course there’s a problem. With that said, my favorite porn star was/is Tabatha Cash and she had gorgeous small tits, but then got the boob job …she was still hot but I liked the smaller, naturally shaped tits.

  • Chico Dusty

    I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with Porno P.I.’s but a recurring factor in a pornstar’s decision to retire is the boob job (

    Sad really. Agents and producers tell the pornstars that their careers will be better if they get implants but everyone on the internet is always disappointed by bigger tits.

    Maybe boob jobs were the key to success in the 90’s and early 2000’s but the whole industry needs to rethink encouraging pornstars to get bigger boobs. Not only do we the fans not like it (for the most part) it also tends to drive a pornstar to retirement. So…what the fuck? Keep them natural please!

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