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When a stripper says she’s only stripping to help pay her way through college, 90% of us just politely nod while refusing to believe it at all.

The stripper might as well have told us that her dog at her homework, that she can’t sleep with us because she has a headache, and that it’s her not us. We’ve heard that excuse before and we’re not having it.

However, I think it might be time for us to reconsider the stripper’s oldest excuse for stripping. The other day, a student/stripper from Atlanta (home of the hottest and biggest bootied strippers) took to reddit to prove once and for all that being a stripper to put yourself through school was legit.

How did she prove it? She posted a picture of $3,345 cash from a single day’s work. Damn. That’s a lot of money. Let’s look at it in one organized pile:


That’s a lot of dough. I would like to quickly point out that in the bottom right hand corner of the pile you can clearly see that someone tipped this stripper with a couple of $2 bills. It’s not a fake. $2 bills are legal tender. They were issued to banks last summer. So stop telling me I’m counterfeiting money. I’m not. It’s real.

It should also be noted that the $3,345 our student-stripper friend is not a regular amount of money to bring home. She worked a double shift last Saturday, meaning she worked 15.5 hours straight — from 11:30 AM to 3 AM. Sure, that’s a lot of hours dancing at the strip club but I don’t even make that much in a year (or at least that’s what the IRS thinks)!

The stripper, known as Menagerii on reddit, is an engineering student who began at Hooters and from there was encouraged to start stripping. But before you go out and get yourself a stripping job to pay off all your debts, there are some things that Menagerii would like you to know:

As a stripper, you don’t make hourly money. You actually have to pay to work. At my club, it’s 35 and 10 percent to the dj per shift. I work to halves of a shift (4-12 instead of 11-8 or 8-4) so I actually have to pay that out twice, which usually runs me at least 100 dollars a night.

I regularly make between 500 and 1500 a night. Anything other than that is a very rare outlier

Still…$500  to $1,500 a night? That’s pretty chill. I could put myself through college a few times if I had that kind of cash.

“I enjoy it too some extent,” she writes. “May do moonlighting after I get a big girl job.”

Either way, sounds like this girl has got it figured out.

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Published on: April 23, 2013

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