Study Reveals Women Who Stay Up Late Have More Sex


Damn girl, you been up late I see.

You know what they say, early bird gets the worm. However, if you’re using “worm” as a disgusting euphemism for “penis”, then it’s probably better you stay up late to get that “worm.”

According to a new study from the University of Chicago, women who tend to stay up late have similar risk-taking tendencies as men, and night owls of both genders were less likely to get themselves into long term relationships. 

Men have higher levels of testosterone and cortisol than women. But research has shown that women who stay up late have just as much cortisol as men. High levels of cortisol are usually associated with high energy, arousal, stress and even cognitive function. And that explains why women who stay up late are more willing to take risks. And by “take risks”, I mean pick up a random dude at a bar and fuck his brains out.

“From an evolutionary perspective, it has been suggested that the night-owl trait may have evolved to facilitate short-term mating, that is, sexual interactions that occur outside of committed, monogamous relationships,” lead researcher Dario Maestripieri told UChicago News. “Being active in the evening hours increased the opportunities to engage in social and mating activities, when adults were less burdened by work…”

This isn’t news that’s exactly Earth-shattering. Just from my own personal experience, I could have told you that women who go to bed early are less likely to bone you than women who are out all night partying. That’s just a fact of life. At least now this information has been published in an academic journal, which makes it fact. Now we can share this information with future generations.

So when you’re out trying to meet girls, remember that the ones going to bed early most likely want a relationship whereas the girls hanging around until last call just want to have sex with you.

via TIME

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Published on: April 8, 2014

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