Sunny Leone in “Jism 2″

Bollywood star Sunny Leone

With a title like Jism 2, most porn fans could probably guess what Sunny Leone’s latest film is about…

Let me tell you, you’re way off. Jism in this case is not slang for semen but Hindi for body. Jism 2 is a Bollywood erotic-thriller, which places Sunny Leone as a pornstar seductress trapped in a love triangle between a deadly assassin and an intelligence officer. This marks the Indo-Canadian starlet’s first Bollywood role as well as any major mainstream starring role.

Check out the trailer here.

Since the choice to cast Sunny was announced, anticipation for the film has steadily grown. Judging by the trailer, believe the hype. This movie looks sexy. But then again, Sunny Leone could probably make anything sexy. Sunny’s performance in Jism 2 is rumored to be an extension of the new Bollywood trend to feature more dynamic female characters rather than the traditionally flat ones. Let’s hope for all our sakes as Sunny Leone fans that this film doesn’t have a hard time with India’s censorship board.

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Published on: June 29, 2012

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