Survey Says Men Prefer Virgins and Women Prefer Experienced Men

A new international survey has confirmed what we’ve long suspected about the sexual preferences of men and women. Women like experienced lovers, whereas men prefer virgins. That shouldn’t be too surprising given the outrageous sums of money some men are willing to pay in those online virginity auctions that are all the rage.

While both sexes wanted their partners to be fun-loving and energetic (as opposed to fun-hating and lazy? C’mon survey, what the fuck? Give us some interesting results. No one wants to date someone fun-hating and lazy…unless of course she’s the misery chick.), women were interested in men who were actively dating because they’re more comfortable and confident as partners.

Meanwhile, men expressed a preference for the innocent “girl next door” type who had little or no sexual experience. NO WONDER MEN AND WOMEN HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME GETTING ALONG, RIGHT?

It’s hard for me to take these results seriously for two reasons.

1. Everyone lies about sex.

2. If men prefer “girl next door” types with little or no sexual experience, then why are MILFs consistently popular?

If you ask me, there’s nothing fun about having sex with a virgin. It’s clumsy and awkward and ultimately a huge disappointment for the virgin because sex has been so overhyped for her entire life. I suppose there are men in this world egotistical enough to want to be a woman’s first, because taking someone’s virginity allows you to think that they’ll remember you forever, which must help with some delusions of self-importance or immortality fantasies some men have.

Or worse yet, maybe men prefer virgins because they are “purer” or “cleaner” than women with experience. If that’s how you think, then get over yourself. There’s nothing wrong with an experienced woman. If you’ve never had sex with an experienced woman, I’m willing to bet that you have no idea that you’re actually having terrible sex.

So in short, us men have a lot to learn about our sexual partner preferences from women. Women, always a step ahead of men.

If you’re a man that prefers virgins, please explain why in the comments.

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Published on: April 9, 2014

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