Sydney Leathers’ Cruel Party Appearance

Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers campaigns against Anthony Weiner

Last night, Anthony Weiner’s mayoral dreams died when he lost the election.

Weiner didn’t just lose the election, he was completely blown out. Have a look at the results:


As you can see, Anthony Weiner was absolutely crushed in the polls.

When it came time to make his concession speech, Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin was nowhere to be seen. I assume that their relationship hasn’t been the best since Weiner got busted for sexting again.

Just when Anthony Weiner’s night couldn’t get any worse, guess who showed up to the party.

That’s right, Sydney Leathers

Sexting and porn star Sydney Leathers showed up at Anthony Weiner’s party wearing a tight red dress to show off her brand new boobs:

Let’s take a closer look at Sydney Leathers’ new boobs:

Sydney Leathers boobs new

Sydney Leathers and her new boobs

Why did Sydney Leathers go to Anthony Weiner’s party last night?

She told reporters that she felt she needed to be there.

Wait, what? Needed to be there?

In a way, she did need to be there because I have a feeling that unless she plans on stripping out of that tight red dress and showing the internet her new boobs, this is the last time we’ll ever hear of Sydney Leathers.

Ever since she revealed that Anthony Weiner was sexting again, I had a feeling that Ms Leathers was just chasing fame. Her appearance at Anthony Weiner’s party last night only confirms this assumption.

By coming forward, Sydney Leathers ruined Anthony Weiner’s political career and his marriage. Last night, Anthony Weiner pretty much hit rock bottom and Sydney Leathers showed up in order to put herself in the news one last time.

Obviously her actions make her seem like a cold, calculating, compassionless fame-whore, but you got to admit that she’s pretty good at manipulating the media. I wonder what publicist she’s working with…

Anyways, Anthony Weiner’s humiliation didn’t end there.

He had to run through a MacDonald’s to avoid a confrontation with Sydney Leathers. Thankfully, someone had the good sense to capture it all on Vine.

Let’s watch Anthony Weiner retreat through a MacDonald’s:

And Sydney Leathers defeated:

So that’s the exciting conclusion to the Sydney Leathers story.

Anthony Weiner’s life is in shambles and Sydney Leathers made a porn movie and got some new boobs.

Was it worth it?

Watch the Sydney Leathers porn movie and decide for yourself:

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