138 water

  • Jaclyn Swedberg in Panties for 138 Water


    Jaclyn Swedberg

    Is 138 Water real? I’ve yet to see a bottle of this electrolyte-infused water in real life.

    Based on the babes that have posed for 138 Water, I’m starting to think that it’s not a real product and just a guaranteed way to photograph some of the hottest babes ever.

    Allow me to explain my conspiracy theory by using 138 Water’s latest model Jaclyn Swedberg as an example.

    If I were to just call Jaclyn Swedberg’s management and say, “Hi. Can I please take pictures of Jaclyn Swedberg?” they’d hang up on me right away. But if I said, “Hi. Can I please take pictures of Jaclyn Swedberg? I want her to be a spokesmodel for this SFW product.”

    It’s possible isn’t it?

    At least they aren’t hoarding their pictures of Jaclyn Swedberg. Let’s take a look at the former Playmate of the Year posing for 138 Water now!


    Again, I’ve never tried 138 Water. I haven’t even seen a bottle of it in real life. But if it’s good enough Jaclyn Swedberg, I too endorse this particular electrolyte-infused water.

    Buy it so they can keep shooting with such beautiful models!

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  • The Babes of 138 Water

    Nicole Aniston bikini

    Nicole Aniston for 138 Water

    What is 138 Water?

    The company that makes it claims that 138 Water is water that will change your life.

    Will it? I don’t know. It’s just electrolyte enhanced purified water. So maybe if you’re dehydrated and you drink 138 Water, your dehydrated life will be changed for the better.

    Some of you may already know that 138 is slang for “I Love You”. One Meaning, Three Words, Eight Letters.

    1 is Unity. 3 is Trinity. 8 is Infinity.

    I’m not making any of this up. It’s all on their website if you don’t believe me.

    Saying that electrolyte enhanced purified water is love is pretty damn lame if you ask me. 138 Water does have a saving grace though. They have excellent taste in babes!

    It’s like they knew how heavy-handed and stupid it is to say that their special water is life-changing love juice, so to make up for it they got super babes like Nicole AnistonNikki Leigh, Kendra Perez, Amanda Cerny, and Jessa Hinton posing in bikinis with bottles of 138 Water.

    Let’s take a look at all these babes for 138 WaterContinue Reading

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